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TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY ~ Birth record for my 7th great grandfather–William Critchfield 1686, Boston, British Colony Massachusetts

Today’s find are several references to the birth record of my 7th great grandfather, William Critchfield.
CRITCHFIELD_William_birth record_13 Oct 1686_Massachusetts_annotated
What the above record appears to be is someone’s hand written, alphabetical copy of births that occured in Boston, Massachusetts in 1686.  This is not to be confused with an “original” birth record.  But, it certainly gives us an idea where we might find an original record.

I also located this record on in the record collection Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988.

CRITCHFIELD_William_birth index_13 Oct 1686_Massachusetts_annotated

Here is another reference to this birth.  Also located on in the record collection Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, Boston, Births, 1630-1799; Vol 2,3,4,5,7.

CRITCHFIELD_William_birth record_13 Oct 1686_BostonMassachusetts_annotated

I have attempted to find the original record of this birth, online, by using both ancestry, family search and NEHGS/American Ancestors websites.  I haven’t located the record.  Perhaps it can be found in a courthouse or historical society in Boston?

In the meantime, I will be able to reference William’s birth with the 3 records above. This puts him in a place and time that is appropriate to other records I have.

Here is how I am descended from William Critchfield and his wife Susannah:

8th great grandparents
William Critchfield & Susannah (MNU) maiden name unknown
7th great grandparents
William Critchfield (1686-1773) & Agnes Trynte Opdyke (abt 1690-1754)
6th great grandparents
Elizabeth Opdyke Critchfield (abt 1727-after 1786) & John Frampton, Sr. (abt 1714-abt 1784)
5th great grandparents
John Frampton, Jr. (1743-1808) & Anna Barbara Martin (1746-1822)
4th great grandparents
Rachel Frampton (1781-1855) & William Gillen (1782-1841)
3rd great grandparents
Emily Gillen (1810-1887) & Rev. Isaac C. Hunter (1798-1842)
2nd great grandparents
James Gillen Hunter (1832-1884) & Susan Caroline Boggs (1842-1913)
Great grandparents
Florence Hunter (1869-1946) & Robert Lee Bowden (1863-1906)
Florence Lee Nora Bowden (1888-1986) & Joseph Albert Milne (1883-1957)
My Mother (this is her side of the family)

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