Legacy 8 & 9 Tips

Many of these same methods will work with both Legacy 8 &Legacy 9  
I will be updating the posts as time allows.

How I used the Calendar feature to solve a years long mystery

Discontinued feature  Using Legacy 8 to map your family


  1. This is a wonderful thing you are doing here (& in writing them.) Thank you for sharing it. I have included this post in my current NoteWorthy Reads post: http://jahcmft.blogspot.com/2016/01/noteworthy-reads-25.html.

    1. Thanks so much Jo! With so many people switching from FTM to Legacy and other software programs, the genealogy community is really pulling together to help each other. I think genealogists are a wonderful group of people. I'll be sure and post a link to your Noteworthy Reads on my FB page.


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