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After the announcement by Ancestry, regarding the discontinuance of Family Tree Maker, many people have switched to Legacy. 
I thought I would post about a basic function in Legacy – the ability to customize the labels on your Family View.
Here is how my great grandparents, William & Elizabeth Lindsay look right now.  Notice their labels are: Born, Bapt., Died, Buried, DthCau.
                           (CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT)

By clicking in the blank area just to the left of those labels you will bring up your customization screen.
You’ll notice those little ….. next to each field name.

Click on any of those boxes containing the dots and you will bring up a new screen.

Scroll through the selections until you find the one you want.  There are many choices.  Click on the “select” icon.  You will see that your new selection is in the “Field Name” now instead of whatever was there before.
You can either click on “Close” and go back to your Family View or you can use the “SAVE” icon in the lower right corner.  Should you decide to “Save” you will see this screen.

PLEASE NOTE:  I already have saved views in my screen.  The first time you see this screen all the numbers will be blank.  Simply enter what ever name you want to give the particular view (in the box below) and click on the “save” icon in the upper right corner.

You can save up to 10 different views.  Change every label or just one or two.  It’s up to you.  Then save it for when you need it again.

TO CHOOSE A SAVED LABEL view, simply click in that blank area to the left of the labels on the Family View.  You will see up to 5 of your saved views displayed, or you can click on “customize” to change selections and save again or to “Load” an already saved view.

These flexible options come in very handy depending on what you are working on with your family.  Maybe you want to see display everyone’s age at death, or their primary spouse or their User ID field. 

I, personally start all my work from the Family View.  From there I might go to the Index or Chronology view, but only temporarily.

The Legacy Users Group on Facebook has been swamped with questions over the past several days.  If you are a testing Legacy or have decided to switch over, you will find many answers in that group.

I hope this post has been helpful.  If so, or if you have a question, please leave me a comment.  Please add me to your circles or follow my blog as I will have other posts about Legacy 8 and many other research items.


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Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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