Wednesday, December 23, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2015 ~ What are your Christmas memories?

merry_christmas_for 2015
First I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I hope you spent time with family or friends, or doing something you loved.


Here are some things I remember.
  • My Dad loved to decorate and would always put up lots of lights.  Even later in his life when he lived in an apartment he would decorate the stair railing.
  • We always had a live tree in our house.  However, at my paternal grandparent’s house they had one of those little fake ones.  The kind that really looked fake (back in the 1950’s).
  • I also remember that the same grandparents had bubble lights on their tree.
  • My Dad’s mom was a great cook.  She always had a special salad with the holiday meal and I still have it to this day.  It’s very refreshing with the meal.  A piece of pineapple layed on top of some iceberg lettuce.  On that you put a good size piece of cream cheese and top it with a cherry.  Then you drizzle a dressing over it that’s made from the cherry juice and a little mayonnaise.  Sounds crazy, but it tastes good.
  • And, how about tinsel? Did you use it?  Was it carefully placed on the tree or thrown on in a more haphazard fashion? Ours was very carefully placed.
  • My parents always made sure we had a good Christmas.  We sure weren’t rich, but they made Christmas special.
  • Special gifts I remember are:  A musical cat that rolled over.  Her tail would go around as the music played and it would make her roll over.  I named was “Princess.”  And my little pink donkey, “Waggy.” 
Copy of Diane sitting at little desk in front of Christmas tree_enhanced
Me at about 3 yrs. old.  My Mom hated my straight hair and was always giving me perms
GOULD_Diane with both grandfathers_Dec 1952_DetroitWayneMichigan_ENH_edited-1
1952 - Detroit, Michigan - Me and both my grandpas. On the left is my paternal grandpa, Harry Gould and on the right is my maternal grandpa, Joseph Milne and there's that little fake tree

I was about 8 years old when I realized Santa wasn’t real.  I had to keep it a secret though, because my brother was 2 1/2 years younger and I couldn’t spoil it for him.  Can’t believe I didn’t tell him. It would have been the naughty sister thing to do.

What are your Christmas memories?  Please share them in your comments here or on your own blog and leave me a link so I can read it.


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Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Merry Christmas Diane (and Ron!)
    We had the salad with pineapple, iceberg lettuce, mayo & cherry but without the cream cheese ... however, we also had lemon jello with pineapple and cream cheese set inside!
    Anne Alves

    1. Hi Anne. That's really a pretty similar salad. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and that you have a wonderful year in 2016.


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