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THOSE PLACES THURSDAY ~ Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery–San Diego, California

San Diego is a Navy town.  Many military men and women have been stationed here throughout the 20th century and continue to be so today.  Navy ships come and go from our harbor on a regular basis.  We are the home of Miramar Naval Air Base.  Not far up the coast (between here and Los Angeles) we have Camp Pendleton, the Marine base.  Not to mention Coast Guard stations in the area.  Seeing men & women in uniform or military vehicles on our roads is not an unusual sight.

I am honored to live in a city with so much military presence.

One of the places here in San Diego, that honors our military veterans, is Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery.  The location of this cemetery is breathtaking.  A panoramic view of downtown San Diego and the coast line.  The serenity and the awe I have when we visit, are amazing.

Why the need for National Cemeteries?  Three words….The Civil War.  Read all about how they began in my post THE CIVIL WAR–HOW OUR COUNTRY DEALT WITH THE AFTERMATH

You can visit the FindAGrave page for Ft. Rosecrans here.

My husband, Ron, has several family members buried at Ft. Rosecrans.

Gordon Charles Hall 1917-1966, his father
Dorothy Beatrice Fink Hall 1913-1993, his mother
Robert Walton Hall 1907-1987, his Uncle
Cornelia K. Cory Hall 1914-1988, his Uncle Bob’s wife
Kenneth Joy Long 1945-2006, his first cousin
Marion Nelson “Bud” Long 1914-2005, his Aunt Honey’s husband
Delphine Irene “Honey” Fink Long 1919-2011, his Aunt

Gordon C. Hall FindAGrave #31821936

Dorothy F. Hall FindAGrave #31822089

Marion N. Long FindAGrave #11857107 and Delphine F. Long FindAGrave #81829475

Kenneth Joy Long FindAGrave #72471018

Robert W. Hall FindAGrave #3404241 and Cornelia K. Hall FindAGrave #3404139

 Ron’s Aunt Honey & Uncle Bud (headstone shown above) have two great grandsons, Jimmy and Sam, who are in the cub/boy scouts.  Each year they go to Ft. Rosecrans with their respective troops and place flags or wreaths on the headstones of those interred there.  Not just family members, but anyone who is buried there. It’s a beautiful site to see all those headstones decorated.
There was an article online about the wreaths being placed at Ft. Rosecrans and little Sam’s photo was featured.  Here is a link to that article Wreaths and Respect for Warriors 14 Dec 2010

Here are the boys doing their duty.  Sam isn’t in uniform as I think at the time he was helping his older brother, Jimmy.

Do you have family members who are buried at any of our National Cemeteries.  If so, I’d love to read about them in comments or in your own blog post.

Happy hunting,
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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks–Week #9–Robert Walton Hall–1907-1987–My husband’s uncle–Part 2

Now, where were we?  Oh yes, Robert had just married Alice Evelyn Bullock on 15 Jul 1929 in San Diego, California.  They were married at St. Vincent’s church by Rev. Thomas Morris.  Please read Part 1 of this story here.

The next time I find information about Robert W. Hall is in a San Diego newspaper.


What the heck is that about?

Turns out there was a pretty bad fire in Alpine, here in San Diego County, in October 1929.  The fire seemed to have gotten worse and worse as the days went by.  They had it under control and then lost it again.  There are so many articles about this incident on Genealogy Bank, that I don’t have time to read them all.  The one that caught my eye was this one.  During this time they were conscripting (forcing) citizens to fight the fire. It seems as if there were not enough fire fighters.

 HALL_Robert_article re handcuffed_1 Nov 1929_SDUnion pg 6-hilite

“Robert Hall who for more than two years has been employed at Price garage, Second & E. streets, declares that Deputy Sheriff Blake Mason and another officer had handcuffed him at the height of the Alpine blaze, dragged him into a car and released him only when his employer telephoned to Sheriff Cooper.”

Here are more headlines from this time in San Diego history

alpine fire headline 22 Oct 1929
alpine fire wind shift 26 Oct 1929
alpine fire collection lost 1929

Robert remained in San Diego for the rest of his life.  I next find him working as a Salesman in the oil industry in the 1930 census. His wife, Alice is working as a Directory Clerk for the telephone company.
1930_HALL_Robert W with wife Alice_ actual census sheet_San Diego

On 16 Sep 1932, Robert and Alice have their only child, a son, Robert Walton Hall.

California Birth Index, 1905-1995 
Name:Robert Walton Hall            
Birth Date:16 Sep 1932           
Mother's Maiden Name:Bullock           
Birth County:San Diego

In 1934 and 1938 Robert is shown in the San Diego City Directory Listing.  On both occasions his wife, Alive Evelyn is also named with him.

However, by the time of the 1940 census, Robert is living in the home of his parents, Charles & Daisy, along with his younger brother, Gordon.

He’s working at an Auto Park and the enumerator lists him as divorced.

1940_HALL_Charles & Daisy with two sons_4038 Fourth_SanDiegoSanDiegoCoCalifornia
The next time I locate Robert is in the San Diego city directory listing in 1943.  He’s now living at 4038 4th with his second wife Cornelia K. Hall and his occupation is United States Army.  That area on Fourth Ave. is all commercial today.

1943_HALL_Robert & Cornelia_4038 4th_SanDiegoCA HALL_Robert W_4038 Fourth Ave.

As far as a divorce for Robert & his first wife, Alice Evelyn, I have not found one.  Although that event must have occurred between 1938 and 1943, based on the records I have located.  

My husband’s mother kept a record of family births and anniversaries.  In that book is the marriage date for Cornelia K. and Robert W.  She lists only June 24th, with no year.  That’s another record I have yet to locate.

I was able to find a high school yearbook for Grossmont High School here in San Diego County, for the year 1932.  Cornelia’s senior photo is in that annual.  

CORY_Cornelia_headshot_1932__page 12

Robert’s second wife, Cornelia, went by her middle name Kay. My husband and his cousins all remember her as Aunt Kay.  My husband said she always drove a Cadillac and that she smoked.  Funny what people remember.  There were no children born to Robert & Kay.

I located a U.S. Veteran gravesite index for Robert and found out a bit about his military service during World War II.
Copy of HALL_Robert Walton_U.S. VeteranGravesite Record_CA

Robert and Cornelia are both buried at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California.  You may visit their memorial his #3404241.

I did not find any obituaries for either Robert or Cornelia.  Genealogy Bank has the San Diego papers, but I’ve turned up nothing.

Questions still unanswered:
  • What became of Robert’s first wife Alice Evelyn Bullock?
  • Why did they divorce?
  • Is their son, Robert Jr., still living?  Last we heard, he was still in San Diego.  He would be 84 years old now.
  • Are there other pictures of Robert and either of his first wives?
  • Was Robert in combat during his time in the Army during World War II?
  • What was his cause of death?  I should be able to order a death certificate from San Diego County to find out.
There is still work to do on this family and I will continue my efforts.  However, while writing this post today, I did locate Robert’s birth certificate on Ancestry.  YEAH!

If you have anything to add or corrections to anything I’ve written, please contact me.

Additionally, if you are related to this family, I’d love to hear from you.

SURNAME SATURDAY - Who was Daisy Bright?

Happy hunting,
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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks–Week #9–Robert Walton Hall–1907-1987–My husband’s uncle–Part 1

Robert Hall-Nov 1950
Uncle Bob - 1951

Robert Walton Hall is my husband’s paternal Uncle.  Older brother to his Dad.  My husband talks fondly about his “Uncle Bob.”  I understand that he owned a gas station located at Rolando & El Cajon in San Diego, back in the 1960’s.  My husband used to work there, when he was a teenager.
Here is what I know about Robert W. Hall.

He was born, the second child, to Charles Schuyler Hall and Daisy Fern Bright on 7 Jun 1907 in Pennsylvania.  He had one older sister, Dorothy Louise Hall who was born in 1905.  He also had a younger brother, Gordon Charles Hall, born in 1917 (my husband’s father).

Robert is enumerated with his father, mother, older sister and paternal grandmother in 1910 in Tarentum, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

Sometime between 1910 and 1917, the family migrated from Pennsylvania to San Diego, California.

In 1920 I find this family living at 1605 Thirteenth St., San Diego, California. There is an addition to the family, as young Gordon has been born.

Here are those two census records.


1910_HALL_Charles & Daisy & children_also his mother Cora Hall_TarentumAllenghenyPA
1910 U.S. census - Charles Hall & family in Tarentum, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
1920_HALL_Charles & Daisy with 3 children & mother Cora Hall_San DiegoCA
1920 U.S. census - Charles Hall & family in San Diego, California


I located the announcement of an application for a Marriage License, by Robert W. Hall, age 22 and Evelyn A. Bullock, age 21, both of San Diego.  This announcement was published in the San Diego Evening Tribune, 11 Jul 1929, page 25.  They appeared to have applied for this marriage license on July 10.

HALL_Robert W & Evelyn BULLOCK_marr license_1929_SanDiegoCA

UPDATE: Thanks to a fellow blogger, Cathy Meder-Dempsey who writes the blog Opening Doors in Brick Walls I have been made aware of an error in my post.  The date on the Arizona marriage license, as mentioned below, is NOT July 15, 1929, but JUNE 15, 1929.  How did I miss that?  Thank you Cathy! I have left my original statement below, in brackets.
[WHY, then do I also have an application for a marriage license for this couple from ARIZONA on 15 Jul 1929?  Had they not been able to get the license they applied for in San Diego on July 10th?  Whatever the reason, they got the license in Arizona and got married the same day.]

Here is the Arizona license.

HALL_Robert W Sr and Evelyn BULLOCK marriage license_15 Jun 1929_YumaArizona_annotated

On 15 Jul 1929, Robert W. Hall marries Alice Evelyn Bullock, in San Diego, California.  The event was covered in the local newspapers.  Miss Bullock was the daughter of Commander Charles H. Bullock and his wife Josephine Marie Hurton.
From the San Diego Union I find these articles about the nuptials.

HALL_Robert W weds Evelyn BULLOCK _article in SD Union 16 Jul 1929_page 7_San Diego CA_cropped HALL_Robert W weds Evelyn BULLOCK _article in SD Union 16 Jul 1929_page 8_San Diego CA_cropped

The couple went on their honeymoon and when they returned there was a small article in the paper with a very lovely photo of the bride, Evelyn.  She’s quite pretty.

Here’s the article from the San Diego Evening Tribune, 23 Jul 1929, page 8.

HALL_Robert W Sr_article from SD Union about he and Evelyn BULLOCK returning from their honeymoon_23 Jul 1929_cropped

There’s more to Robert's story, so stay tuned for Part 2.

To see all my 52 Ancestors posts please use the tab at the top of the blog or click here.

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SUNDAY’S OBITUARY ~ The final chapter of Harland B. Hart’s story - He was only 24 years old

Last week I shared with you the the story of Leonard Almanson Hart and his family.  That was followed by a post about his oldest son, Harland B. Hart.  I believed I had located Harland, living in Detroit, Michigan, based on the 1888 and 1890 city directories.  However, I couldn’t be positive it was him.

Thankfully, my cousin, Charles, in Michigan, has found the evidence we needed to finish Harland’s story.  This evidence does confirm that the Harland I located in those Detroit directories, was the correct one.

The following death notice, not only names Harland as the eldest son of L. Hart, but also names T. H. Roberts as his employer, as listed in the 1890 directory.

The following death notice was published in The State Republican, Lansing, Michigan on 18 Dec. 1890.

 HART_Harland B_obit_The State Rep_18 Dec 1890_resized

Here is a transcription of the death notice

A dispatch from Detroit this morning announces the sudden death of Harley B. Hart, formerly of Lansing, but for some time in the employ of T. H. Robert, undertaker. Deceased was twenty-four years of age and eldest son of L. Hart of Millets.

A full obituary was published in The State Republican on 20 Dec 1890.

HART_Harland B_obit_The State Rep_20 Dec 1890_enh

Here is a transcription of the obituary for Harland.  We now have his cause of death.

A dispatch from Detroit, Thursday, December 18, announced the sudden death of Harland B. Hart, formerly of Lansing, but for the past few years residing in Detroit, and in the employ of T. H. Roberts, undertaker.  He died after a short illness of two days, of diphtheria and heart failure.  The deceased was twenty-four years of age and was born in Macomb county.  when fourteen years of age he moved with his parents to this city where he remained until he went to Detroit, where he made many friends.  The deceased’s father, L. A. Hart, left Thursday at 8:30 p.m. and returned home with the remains Friday, accompanied by T. H. Roberts, who kindly conducted the funeral.  Relatives and friends assembled at the D. L. & N. depot to meet the remains at 3:24 p.m. from where the body was taken to Mt. Hope for interment.  He was a bright and promising young man, highly respected by his employer and well fitted for his occupation.  He leaves a large circle of friends both in Detroit and Lansing to mourn their loss.  Rev. Mr. Fox officiated.

While I was happy to learn that I’d located the correct person in those Detroit directories, it is sad to learn of the passing of Harland at such a young age. R.I.P Harland.

NOTE:  Never give up looking for the evidence of proof needed for your conclusions.  The number of cousins that I’ve connected with, since beginning my research have provided me with untold amounts of information, photos and stories.  This is one such example.  Thanks Charles!

You may visit Harland’s memorial here #17839487.  His headstone photo was taken by my cousin, Charles, and is used with permission.

HART_Harland B_headstone_1890_MtHopeCem_LansingMI

Happy hunting,
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TOMBSTONE TUESDAY ~ Gilbert Vaught ( - 1832) & Mary Martin Vaught (1753-1814)

VAUGHT_Gilbert_headstone_1832_SearsCem_Muhlenberg Co Kentucky
Photo used with permission of Jeanean Rogers Beamer
VAUGHT_Mary nee MARTIN_headstone_1814_SearsCem_MuhlenbergKY
Photo used with permission of Jeanean Rogers Beamer

Gilbert Vaught and his wife Mary Martin are my 5th great grandaunt and uncle.

Mary is the daughter of Johann Eberhard Martin (1717-1784) & Jacobina Elizabeth Wunderlich (abt 1723 – ?).

Gilbert is reported to be the son of Christian Vaught and Hannah Crum. Source: Mifflin County, PA Families and Records before 1800 by Raymond Martin Bell, page 16a. 

They are buried at Sears Cemetery in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky.

You may visit their FindAGrave memorials here #39491989 and here #39492082.

If you have corrections or additions to this information, please contact me.
Happy hunting,
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FOLLOW UP FRIDAY ~ Harland B. Hart–son of Leonard A. Hart & Georgia Wetherell

I’d like to present more information as a follow up to yesterday’s post about my 2nd great granduncle, Leonard Almanson Hart & his family.

Leonard and his wife, Georgia had four sons; Harland B., Charles A., L. Clayton and Harry S.

I stated in my post, which you can read here, that I did not know when Harland B. Hart, the oldest son, died.  I learned from looking at the 1900 census that he had probably died prior to that year.
Thanks to my cousin, Charles, I now have more information.  

According to some old family papers that are in Charles’ possession, here is what is known:

Harland Benjamin Hart was born 21 Jun 1866 in Armanda, Macomb, Michigan.  He died 18 Dec 1890 in Lansing, Ingham, Michigan.  He was buried 19 Dec 1890 at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Lansing, Michigan, in Section B, Lot 104, Sub 5.  He was removed to Section B, Lot 253, Sub 8 on 4th May 1893.

He would have been only 24 years old at the time of his death.

I’ve created a memorial for Harland on FindAGrave.  You can see the memorial here #17839487.  I’ve submitted a request for a photo of the headstone.

In the meantime, I searched on, which I know carries Lansing newspapers, hoping for an obituary.  I didn’t find anything for Harland B. Hart.  I also tried Genealogy Bank, with no luck.

Then I went back to Ancestry and updated Harland’s information, based on what I’d learned.  I know that I need more solid proof as to his date of death and burial location.  However, I enter this information on my tree in order to create more hints.  I use the the search feature and the card catalog also.

It worked.  Up popped two City Directory hints for him.  They were Detroit City Directories.  Knowing how many of my family members, including Hart’s were in Detroit, this was not a surprise for me.
He is listed in the 1888 Detroit directory on page 660 as follows:

Hart, Harland B., clk E H Patterson, rms 374 Woodward Av.
I could find no other Hart’s in this directory that were listed as living at 374 Woodward Ave.   My next step was to find out what kind of company E. H. Patterson was.
 On page 1049 I located the following listing:
Patterson, Edward H., Undertaker, 374 Woodward Ave., h 308 4th Tel 1414
 Conclusion – Harland B. Hart was working for E. H. Patterson and boarding/rooming at the business.

1888_HART_Harland B_374 Woodward_DetroitMI
1888 directory listing for Harland B. Hart
1888_E H Patterson Undertaker_374 Woodward_DetroitMI
1888 directory listing for Edward H. Patterson, Undertaker
Next I find Harland listed in the 1890 Detroit directory on page 566 as follows:

Hart, Harland B, asst T H Roberts, rms 25 Adams Ave.
Again, I find no other Hart’s in this directory that were listed as living at the same address, 25 Adams.  Let’s see what kind of company T. H. Roberts is.
 On page 934 is the following listing:
Roberts, Thomas H, Funeral Director, 23-25 Adams Ave., h 28 Edmund Pl, Tel office 268, h 4412
Conclusion – Harland B. Hart was working for another funeral home, T. H. Roberts and living on the business premises.
1890_HART_Harland B_25 Adams_DetroitMI
1890 directory listing for Harland B. Hart
1890_T H Roberts Funeral Director 25 Adams_DetroitMI
1890 directory listing for Thomas H. Roberts, Funeral Director
Thoughts – Could there have been another Harland B. Hart.  Certainly.  And, until I can find his death record, an obituary or a burial record from the cemetery, I cannot be positive this is my Harland.  But, most of us have learned over the years that  when we add A & B together, along with other evidence we can come to a conclusion.

Try as I might, I cannot locate a death record on either Ancestry or Family Search for this young man.  The search continues.

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks ~ Week #8–Leonard Almanson Hart–My 2nd great granduncle

HART_Lenard A_sitting in a chair in his later years

Leonard Almanson Hart, also known as Lenard and L.A. Hart, was my 2nd great granduncle on my paternal side.  Here’s how we connect.

Henry Hart & Olive G. Doten – my 3rd great grandparents
daughter, Sarah M. Hart & John C. Gould – my 2nd great grandparents
brother of Sarah, Leonard A. Hart – my 2nd great granduncle

Leonard was born 8 Aug 1846 in New York.  He was the last of 9 children born to Henry & Olive Hart.  Sometime before the 1850 census, Henry had moved his wife and 9 children to Armada, Macomb, Michigan.  Here are the names of Leonard’s siblings: Isaac D., Lyman C., Sarah M. (my ancestor), Noble A., Betsy R., Arminda A., Simeon H. and Olive P.  All of the siblings lived into adulthood.  To my knowledge the only two that didn’t marry were Lyman and Noble.  So, this family should have quite a few descendants, as all the married siblings did have children.

On 28 Jan 1866 in Macomb Co., Michigan, Leonard A. Hart married Frances Georgia Ann Wetherell.  She was the daughter of Benjamin Wetherell and Eliza Cole.  My first record of their marriage was in the Dibean Michigan Marriage Index.  I also found the marriage recorded in Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995.  No image is available, but here is the index of that record from
Name Leonard A. Hart
Birth Date 1847
Age 19
Spouse's Name Frances G. Witherell
Spouse's Birth Date 1847
Spouse's Age 19
Event Date 28 Jan 1866
Event Place Macomb,Michigan
Indexing Project (Batch) Number M51858-3
System Origin Michigan-ODM
GS Film number 979571

Source: "Michigan Marriages, 1822-1995," database, FamilySearch ( : 4 December 2014), Leonard A. Hart and Frances G. Witherell, 28 Jan 1866; citing reference ; FHL microfilm 979,571.

I’m fortunate to be in contact with Leonard’s 2nd great grandson.  We have been communicating for several years now.  He connected with my via one of my blog posts about the Hart family.
He shared several photos of Leonard and his wife Frances who went by her middle name Georgia.  One of them is at the beginning of this post.  Pictures bring our ancestors to life.

Here are a couple of others.  Thank you cousin Charles.

HART_Leonard A & wife Frances Georgia nee Wetherall_portrait photos
Leonard & Georgia Hart - unknown year, but obviously portrait photos 
HART_Frances Georgia standing by car in her later years
Georgia in her later years

I find Leonard in the 1850 and 1860 census in Armada, Macomb, Michigan living with his parents.
He is first enumerated with his wife in the 1870 census where is is listed as a Farmer.  The value of his personal estate being $100.  In his household are his wife, Georgia A., son Harland B., age 4 and son, Charles A., age 1.  The family is split on 2 pages.  The second page contains a small snapshot of the farming community in Armada, Michigan at that time.  Six households of family members living adjacent to one another.
Here is page 1, with Leonard listed at the bottom of the page. And, his brother, Simeon, further up the page, working for the Shepardson family.

1870_HART_Leonard household_Armada_MI_pg 1 of 2 
Now, here is page 2, with little Charles Hart at the top of the page and all of the other families listed below him.  I have indicated who they all are.  Finding a page like this in any census is a great find.

1870_HART_Leonard household_Armada_MI_pg 2 of 2-annot

In 1880 Leonard is farming in Armada and has one more son, Clayton.

In the 1900 census Leonard is still farming, but has moved to Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan.  His oldest 3 sons are out of the house and only his son, Harry, age 17, is still at home.  The census also states that one of the 3 older sons has died as Georgia is the mother of 4 children with 3 still living.  From later research I learned that it is Harland, the oldest son, who died prior to 1900.  I’m still trying to locate his death record or obituary.

Next, in 1910,  I find Leonard & his wife, Georgia are no longer on a farm, but in a house at 601 Shannon Ave., in Lansing.  Information I have gathered has led me to believe that the road name for this home may changed from Shannon to Moores River to Sparrow.  The address of 601 remains in various records, but the name of the street changes.

Here is a picture of Georgia standing on the porch of the home at 601 Moores River Rd.

HART_Frances Georgia nee Wetherall on porch of home 601 Moores River Rd_LansingInghamMichigan_before 1927

I cannot for the life of me, locate Leonard and Georgia in the 1920 census.

However, I was able to locate him in two city directories for Lansing, Michigan. 
  • In 1916 he and Georgia are listed on page 360 of the directory.  He is working at J. H. Moores and living at 601 Sparrow Ave.
  • In 1922, the year before his death, Leonard and Georgia are listed on page 476 as living at 601 Moores River Drive.  No place of work is given.
Leonard died 25 Sep 1923 in Lansing, Ingham, Michigan from some type of Uremic hypertrophy.

Here is his death certificate.

HART_Leonard A_death cert_25 Sep 1923_LansingInghamMichigan

I also found a very nice obituary on  Here is a screenshot of the article.
Copy of HART_Leonard A_Obit_LansingStateJournal_26 Sep 1923_pg 2 - Copy
Leonard is buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Lansing, Michigan, along with his wife, Georgia who died in 1927.  You may view their memorials at #23205259 and #23204976.  Other family members are also buried in the cemetery.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Leonard and his family today.  If you find that you are connected with them, please contact me by leaving a comment on this post, or using the “contact me” tab.

Bath School Bombing in 1927 takes the life of 3 Hart children and many others
Michigan Death Records Online - Where can you find them?

Happy hunting,
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