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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks–Week #9–Robert Walton Hall–1907-1987–My husband’s uncle–Part 2

Now, where were we?  Oh yes, Robert had just married Alice Evelyn Bullock on 15 Jul 1929 in San Diego, California.  They were married at St. Vincent’s church by Rev. Thomas Morris.  Please read Part 1 of this story here.

The next time I find information about Robert W. Hall is in a San Diego newspaper.


What the heck is that about?

Turns out there was a pretty bad fire in Alpine, here in San Diego County, in October 1929.  The fire seemed to have gotten worse and worse as the days went by.  They had it under control and then lost it again.  There are so many articles about this incident on Genealogy Bank, that I don’t have time to read them all.  The one that caught my eye was this one.  During this time they were conscripting (forcing) citizens to fight the fire. It seems as if there were not enough fire fighters.

 HALL_Robert_article re handcuffed_1 Nov 1929_SDUnion pg 6-hilite

“Robert Hall who for more than two years has been employed at Price garage, Second & E. streets, declares that Deputy Sheriff Blake Mason and another officer had handcuffed him at the height of the Alpine blaze, dragged him into a car and released him only when his employer telephoned to Sheriff Cooper.”

Here are more headlines from this time in San Diego history

alpine fire headline 22 Oct 1929
alpine fire wind shift 26 Oct 1929
alpine fire collection lost 1929

Robert remained in San Diego for the rest of his life.  I next find him working as a Salesman in the oil industry in the 1930 census. His wife, Alice is working as a Directory Clerk for the telephone company.
1930_HALL_Robert W with wife Alice_ actual census sheet_San Diego

On 16 Sep 1932, Robert and Alice have their only child, a son, Robert Walton Hall.

California Birth Index, 1905-1995 
Name:Robert Walton Hall            
Birth Date:16 Sep 1932           
Mother's Maiden Name:Bullock           
Birth County:San Diego

In 1934 and 1938 Robert is shown in the San Diego City Directory Listing.  On both occasions his wife, Alive Evelyn is also named with him.

However, by the time of the 1940 census, Robert is living in the home of his parents, Charles & Daisy, along with his younger brother, Gordon.

He’s working at an Auto Park and the enumerator lists him as divorced.

1940_HALL_Charles & Daisy with two sons_4038 Fourth_SanDiegoSanDiegoCoCalifornia
The next time I locate Robert is in the San Diego city directory listing in 1943.  He’s now living at 4038 4th with his second wife Cornelia K. Hall and his occupation is United States Army.  That area on Fourth Ave. is all commercial today.

1943_HALL_Robert & Cornelia_4038 4th_SanDiegoCA HALL_Robert W_4038 Fourth Ave.

As far as a divorce for Robert & his first wife, Alice Evelyn, I have not found one.  Although that event must have occurred between 1938 and 1943, based on the records I have located.  

My husband’s mother kept a record of family births and anniversaries.  In that book is the marriage date for Cornelia K. and Robert W.  She lists only June 24th, with no year.  That’s another record I have yet to locate.

I was able to find a high school yearbook for Grossmont High School here in San Diego County, for the year 1932.  Cornelia’s senior photo is in that annual.  

CORY_Cornelia_headshot_1932__page 12

Robert’s second wife, Cornelia, went by her middle name Kay. My husband and his cousins all remember her as Aunt Kay.  My husband said she always drove a Cadillac and that she smoked.  Funny what people remember.  There were no children born to Robert & Kay.

I located a U.S. Veteran gravesite index for Robert and found out a bit about his military service during World War II.
Copy of HALL_Robert Walton_U.S. VeteranGravesite Record_CA

Robert and Cornelia are both buried at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California.  You may visit their memorial his #3404241.

I did not find any obituaries for either Robert or Cornelia.  Genealogy Bank has the San Diego papers, but I’ve turned up nothing.

Questions still unanswered:
  • What became of Robert’s first wife Alice Evelyn Bullock?
  • Why did they divorce?
  • Is their son, Robert Jr., still living?  Last we heard, he was still in San Diego.  He would be 84 years old now.
  • Are there other pictures of Robert and either of his first wives?
  • Was Robert in combat during his time in the Army during World War II?
  • What was his cause of death?  I should be able to order a death certificate from San Diego County to find out.
There is still work to do on this family and I will continue my efforts.  However, while writing this post today, I did locate Robert’s birth certificate on Ancestry.  YEAH!

If you have anything to add or corrections to anything I’ve written, please contact me.

Additionally, if you are related to this family, I’d love to hear from you.

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Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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