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CHURCH RECORD SUNDAY ~ Susan Rosette–Presbyterian Church Record–New Jersey

Susan Boylston Rosette is my husband’s paternal 3rd great grandmother.  She married Dr. Abraham Rosette on 30 May 1804 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Using Legacy 9, I created a relationship chart that shows how my husband is connected to this couple.


ROSETTE_Abraham_relationship calc_1 Apr 2018

I recently located a church record for Susan Rosette in the U.S., Presbyterian Church Records, 1701-1970.  The record lists her as the widow of Abr. and gives his death date, which coincides with my records.

ROSETTE_Susan_Presb church membership_NJ_annot

Here is the Source Citation for this record:

Presbyterian Historical Society; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; U.S., Presbyterian Church Records, 1701-1907; Accession Number: 11-0928 65D Box 54

Year: 1825 - 1947

Source Information U.S., Presbyterian Church Records, 1701-1970 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.
Original data: Church Registers. Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Source Description
This collection includes baptism, marriage, death, burial, and other records from Presbyterian churches in 48 states and the District of Columbia.

Church records can be valuable tools and provide a lot of information about our ancestors.  Especially given that vital records were not required or kept at a state or county level until the late 1800’s, in most jurisdictions.

If you’ve found information in church records, I’d love to hear about them.  Also, if you are related to either the Rosette or Boylston families, please get in touch with me.


TOMBSTONE TUESDAY - Abraham & Susan Rosette - died 1815 & 1847

WEDDING WEDNESDAY–Rev. George Hall & Almira Rosette married March 11, 1834

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

SUNDAY’S OBITUARY ~ Emma Pope Seed–1850-1928, my half 2nd great grandaunt

SEED_Emma_death notice_11 Oct 1928_ThePittsburghPress_pg 37

Emma Pope Seed is my half 2nd great grandaunt.  She is the daughter of my 3rd great grandmother, Emily Gillen and the 2nd of her three husband’s, David Pope. I am descended from Emily Gillen and her first husband, Rev. Isaac C. Hunter.

Rev. Hunter died at age 43 in 1842, leaving his wife Emily with 5 children at home, the oldest one 14 and the youngest about 1. It is no surprise that she was married four years later to David Pope.  Together Emily & David had two children, a son George and the subject of my post today, Emma.

Emma was born, 29 Jul 1850, according to her death certificate.  The 1850 census was taken on August 6th, but Emma is not enumerated with her family.  She would have been 7 days old. Her parents & brother, George were living in Fayette, Lawrence, Ohio and her father, David was working as a Carpenter.  What became of David Pope after 1850 is still a question.  I know that Emma’s mother, Emily, remarried on 5 Dec 1858 to Joel Stover.

Emma married Thomas Hugh Seed on 28 Mar 1871 in Clay County, Illinois.  The couple had two known children.  A son, Maurice Joy Seed 1871-1947 and Rhoda 1879-1960 who married James R. Barclay.

A directory listing in 1915 shows Thomas Seed as the Associate Editor of the Mt. Vernon Register and the couple is living at 517 N. 10th in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  The directory lists their phone number as 378 – 3 rings.  Their daughter Rhoda is still living at home and Maurice lives nearby and is the Editor of the Mt. Vernon Register.

Emma & Thomas can be found in the 1920 census, living in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  He is 76 years old and still working.  He is a Manager in the mailing department of a newspaper. Emma is 69.  In our current society, most people are retired well before the age of 76.  I wonder if Thomas worked because he wanted to, or because he had to?

SEED_Thomas & Emma 1920

According to a Civil War Pension Index Card, Emma, a widow, applied for a pension on 4 Jun 1923, from the state of Pennsylvania.  Thomas had already applied for his Civil War Pension back on 28 Jul 1888.  I don’t know if it was granted or not.

 SEED_Thomas H_CivilWarPensionIndex_1888_Illinois

I have not yet located Thomas’ death record.  However, I have located Emma’s.  She died 10 Oct 1928 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, as stated in her obituary.  Her cause of death was Pyelitis following a fractured left femur.  She tripped over a small rug and fell to the floor at home, which must have caused the fracture.  An online medical dictionary gives the following definition of Pyelitis:

pyelitis [pi?e-li´tis]
inflammation of the renal pelvis, a fairly common disease that usually can be diagnosed and cured without great difficulty. Prompt and effective treatment is necessary to prevent the spread of infection and the development of pyelonephritis, which in its chronic form is a severely disabling disease in which damage to the kidney cells may lead to high blood pressure and uremia. adj., adj pyelit´ic.

Here is her death certificate

SEED_Emma nee POPE_death cert_1928_PittsburghPA

The death certificate for Emma gives us evidence of her date & place of birth and her parent’s names.  The informant was her daughter, Rhoda.  While we know that informant’s can give incorrect information, even if they are closely related, we can match this information with what we already know and come to a conclusion.

Emma & Thomas are buried at Oakwood Cemetery, in Mount Vernon, Jefferson Co., Illinois.  You may visit their memorials here #99285028 and #99284963.

Here is a picture of their headstone, used with the permission of EPS, who placed the photo on findagrave.

<KENOX S630  / Samsung S630>

If you have any connection to this family I’d love to hear from you.  I also welcome any input or corrections.


MYSTERY MONDAY–WHO’S YOUR DADDY? Brick Wall Post #5–William Gillen 1782-1841

MYSTERY MONDAY - Who's Your Daddy? Brick Walls Post #3–Rev. Isaac C. Hunter 1798-1842

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

THURSDAY SURPRISE ~ I won a Free Southern California Jamboree 2018 Registration–Oh boy!

2018 Jamboree winner

It’s always exciting to win something.  In this case I just won, by random drawing, a two day FREE registration to 2018 Southern California Jamboree.

THE BLOGGER BADGE CONTEST WINNER IS......Diane Gould Hall of Michigan Family Trails.

My friend and fellow blogger Debby Warner Anderson of Debbie’s Family Genealogy Blog had already registered for the conference and have hotel reservations.  We attended the conference in 2016 and had a great time.  During that conference Debbie won a free registration to the 2017 conference.  She was able to attend, but I was on vacation and couldn’t go.  We are excited to being going again this year.

There are many wonderful speakers and also workshops you can attend.  I always learn so much at conferences and seminars I attend.  It helps me to be a better genealogist.

Here are a couple of posts I wrote when I attended the 2016 Jamboree. 

Southern California Jamboree 2016 ~ Day One - My first time at Jamboree

Southern California Jamboree 2016 ~ The last two days were fantastic and my brain hurts!

If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, there is still time.  Check out the line up of speakers and subjects.  So many wonderful learning experiences.  Click here to visit Jamboree 2018 website.

I look forward to seeing many fellow bloggers and genealogists.  Please let me know if you’ll be there, so we can get in touch at the conference.

Happy hunting,

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