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WEDDING WEDNESDAY–Rev. George Hall & Almira Rosette married March 11, 1834

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Rev. George Hall & Almira Rosette
Married 11 March 1834 in Essex County, New Jersey

ROSETTE_Almira marriage to George HALL_11-Mar-1834_New Jersey_image

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Rev. George Hall & Almira Rosette are the 2nd great grandparents of my husband.

Almira was the daughter of Abraham Rosette & Susan Boylston.

The Rev. George Hall was the son of Cornelius Clark Hall & Elizabeth Conick.  He was the only son born to the couple.  He had 4 sisters.  I bet he had fun growing up in that household.

Here is an excerpt from the Encyclopedia of the Presbyterian Church in the Unites States of America, page 289.

 Copy of Encyclopedia of the Presbyterian Church in the US_pg 289_HALL_Rev George_cropped "Rev. George Hall was born at Keene, NH June 4th 1804; was a student at Dartmouth College; pursued his theological studies at Princeton Seminary, and under the direction of Rev. Drs. Erskine Mason and Henry White, in New York city, and was licensed by the Third Presbytery of New York, October 12th 1835.  After being pastor of the Congregational Church at Weston, Conn., from 1837 to 1841, he seems to have been without any settlement until 1860, but temporaily supplied various churches in Connecticut and New York.  He was state supply to Fayette and Ebenezer churches, Miss., from 1860 to 1871, and to Port Gibson Church from 1872 to 1874.  He then became stated supply of the Church in Fayetteville, Tenn., from 1874 to 1876.  In the latter year he returned to Port Gibson, Miss. where he died, September 4th, 1878.  Mr. Hall was a truly faithful and good man.  He was eminently devoted to the work of saving souls.  His memory is warmly cherished in the churches he served in Mississippi and Tennessee, and by all who knew him."

The Rev. George Hall was the Pastor of the Peterboro Church in Smithfield, New York in about 1850.  This church was the site of the first complete meeting of the New York State Anti-Slavery Society in 1835.  The building is now on the New York State and National Historic Registers.  In 2004 it was named as one of 24 sites on the New York State Underground Railroad Heritage Trail.  The site became home of the National Abolition Hall of Fame in 2005. Source: Donna Burdick, Smithfield Town Historian

George & Almira’s children were
George F. Hall born 1836, New Jersey
Cornelia B. R. Hall born 1838, New Jersey
Charles A. B. Hall born 1842, New York
Thomas Cornelius Hall 1845-1897, married Cora E. Brown and are my husband’s great grandparents
Susan C. Hall born 1846, New York, married John H. Griffing

I learned a lot about the Rev. George Hall from various reports printed by church associations.  One of those was the Necrological Report presented to the Alumni Association of Princeton Theological Seminary at it’s Annual Meeting 29 Apr 1879.  Here are the pages from that report:

HALL_George_Necrological Report from PresbChurch article-Pg 1 HALL_George_Necrological Report from PresbChurch article-Pg 2

Sadly the report above tells us that Almira died in Sep 1858 in West Stockholm, St. Lawrence, New York, at age 52.  I haven’t yet located her death record or burial.  Having at least 3 children still at home, the Reverend remarried on 6 Oct 1859 to Mary A. Bolles.
Rev. Hall died during the Yellow Fever plague of 1878.  Here is a link to a book about this plague: 

And here is a link to the Rootsweb site about Claiborne County, Mississippi and the list of deaths from Yellow Fever:

Rev Hall death report

Here is a link to Rev. Hall’s memorial on FindAGrave  #56354940

HALL_George Rev_headstone_1878_WintergreenCem_PortGibsonClaiborneMS
Headstone for Rev. George Hall courtesy of William Sanders - used with permission
I’ve enjoyed sharing this story with you.
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