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JEREMIAH HALL house built 1727 in Wrentham, Colonial Massachusetts

Jeremiah Hall home built in 1727
Located at 588 Franklin St. in Wrentham, Massachusetts

I’m always happy when I am contacted by someone who has read my blog posts and either wants to share information or has questions.  Afterall, it’s really why we write our blogs. 

In this case a woman named Jody contacted me and said she lived in a house built by my husband’s 5th great grandfather, Capt. Jeremiah Hall (1697 – 1789)

Here is what she said and she attached a photo of the house.

 “Hi Diane - I stumbled across your ancestry blog and wanted to reach out. My family recently moved into the house Jeremiah Hall built in Wrentham, MA and it is such a stunning home with lots of rich history. I would love to connect and share info”.

Of course I emailed her right away and said I’d love to have anything she is willing to share, and would be willing to share whatever I have that would be helpful to her. How do I even thank her for this kind gesture?


This house was built in 1727.  The new owner, Jody, doesn’t know the family history, but has some documents that might tell us more about the origin of this home.

Jody sent me this information: “According to deeds pertaining to 588 Franklin St., Wrentham, Massachusetts, Benjamin Hall was a husbandman (Farmer) and one of the first selectmen of Wrentham in 1713. Benjamin married Sarah, and their son Jeremiah was born May 23, 1697. He was a Miller. Benjamin deeded land to Jeremiah in 1721. Benjamin died in Aug 1726.  The house was built in 1727.”

Here is the plaque that hangs by the front door of the house

That information matches the family history I have as to Jeremiah Hall being the son of Benjamin Hall and Sarah Fisher.

I have 5 Benjamin Halls in my database, all from Massachusetts and all from the 17th & 18th century.  I believe I have them sorted out as to who is connected to whom.

Additionally, I have 7 Jeremiah Halls in my database.  Again,  all from Massachusetts in the 17th & 18th century.

When I first began researching my husband, Ron’s family, I had quite a time figuring out who was who.

Here is the descendancy from the original Hall immigrant, Edward (7th great grandfather) down to my husband.

 Edward HALL (abt 1611-1670) m Esther THAYER (abt 1619-abt 1674)

Benjamin Hall, Sr. (1668-1726) m Sarah FISHER (1668-1751)

Capt. Jeremiah Hall (1697-1789) m Dorothy HILL (1698-1753)

Jesse Hall (1734-1808) m Achsah CLARK (1735-1808)

Cornelius Clark Hall (1776-1815) m Elizabeth CONICK (1783-1859)

Rev. George Hall (1804-1878) m Almira ROSETTE (1806-1858)

Thomas C. Hall (1845-1897) m Cora BROWN (1854-1933)

Charles Schuyler Hall (1878-1953) m Daisy BRIGHT (1882-1953)

Gordon C. Hall (1917-1966) m Dorothy FINK (1913-1993)

My husband Ron

Next week I will share photos of the inside of this lovely colonial home.

If you are related to or connected to anyone in this blog post, please get in touch.  Let’s exchange information.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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