Sepia Saturday Posts

Please enjoy the photos I've share from both my family and my husband's.

10/15/16 - From here to there - My great grandparents & family in a parade

10/22/16 - From Here to There–Visiting Washington, DC in 1917  

10/29/16 - From Here to There by boat, pony, derby car and canoe

11/5/16 - War & Peace-Corp Glenn C. Gillen - Killed in Action World War I

3/4/17 - Great Grandparent's pictures - How many do you have?

10/21/17 - The Doller Family of Buffalo, NY - early 1900's

10/28/17 - SEPIA SATURDAY ~ My maternal grandparents, Joseph & Florence Milne and my Uncle Robert Milne–circa 1950

7/6/18 - SEPIA SATURDAY ~ My Grandparents, Marie & Harry Gould enjoying their Lake Huron cottage home in Michigan–early 1950’s

7/14/18 - SEPIA SATURDAY ~ Today’s Theme is Children, Dogs, Prams & Sticks or any combination thereof

7/22/18 - SEPIA SATURDAY ~ Today's theme is Background, Hats, Studios and Groups 

7/27/19 - SEPIA SATURDAY ~ This week's theme is Swimwear

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