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SEPIA SATURDAY ~ Great grandparent’s pictures–How many do you have?

Copy of Gould_Mae Thorp_full shot wearing fur stole in front of steps_enh
Mae Thorp Gould
Copy of GOULD_H.Norman-MyDad w-parents-grandp-Mae&Val 1918-WashDC
William V. Gould
GILLESPIE_Susan sitting on steps cropped from pic with Aunt Lulu
Susan Gillespie Milne

We each have 8 great grandparents. Depending on how old or young, you are, you may or may not have pictures of them.  Depending on the research you've been able to do, maybe you don't even know all their names.
Photography has been around since 1839.  I’m not going to go into the history of photography here, because I’m not an expert.  However, if you would like to learn more, there are experts out there.  One of them, I’ve followed for years is Maureen Taylor.  She is also known as the Photo Detective.  I own several of her books. She featured one of my family photos on her website in December 2008 you can see it here – Photo Clones, Duplicates in the Family.

The question today is, how many photos do you have of your great grandparents?  Here is what I have for me and my husband, Ron.

My great grandparents are:

William Gould & Mae Thorp – paternal greats

William Val Gould-headshot-circa 1900 GOULD_Mae_headshot wearing fur stole_enh

William Wallace Lindsay & Bessie Fitzcharles – paternal greats
LINDSAY_William W-repaired headshot-2 Elizabeth aka Bessie Fitzcharles Lindsay-headshot-repaired

Andrew Charles Milne & Susan Anne Gillespie – maternal greats

MILNE_Andrew C_5 x 7 restored portrait MILNE_Susan nee GILLESPIE_headshot wout hat

Robert Lee Bowden – no photo & Florence Hunter – maternal greats

Copy of Hunter_Florence Bowden

So, for my family I have photos of 7 out of 8 great grandparents.
Now for Ron’s family.

Ellmer E. Bright & Malissa M. Hunt – paternal greats – no photos

Thomas C. Hall – no photo & Cora E. Brown – paternal greats

HALL_Cora nee BROWN_sitting in chair_enhanced

George A. Fink & Barbara Ludwig – maternal greats – no photos

John Doller & Bertha A. Keller – maternal greats

DOLLER_John_headshot circa 1895_enh DOLLER_Bertha nee Ludwig_headshot circa 1895_enh

Sadly, for Ron’s family I have been able to locate pictures of only 3 out of 8 of his great grandparents.  If you are reading this and have any pictures of the family mentioned here, please contact me.

This has been an interesting study.  I cropped and enhanced photos as I was writing this post.  Always a good chance to review the images we have.

Because of the time frame of the lives of all of mine and Ron’s great grandparents, there were likely photos taken.  Most of the people mentioned here were alive after photography was common.  Most of them well into the 1900’s.
How many pictures of your great grandparents do you have?  Or maybe if you are of a younger generation, then how many pictures of your 2nd great grandparents do you have?  I’d love to see the pictures.


From Here to There - my family in a parade

From Here to There - Visiting Washington DC in 1917
Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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