Saturday, October 22, 2016

SEPIA SATURDAY ~ From Here to There–Visiting Washington, DC in 1917

Detroit to washington dc map

I am fortunate to have a picture album created by my paternal grandmother, Marie Lindsay Gould (1888-1970).  She and my grandfather, Harry Whipple Gould (1886-1960) only had one child, a son, my father – Harry Norman Gould (1912-1991).

There are 35 pages in this old photo album.  It appears to have been started shortly after my father was born in Dec. 1912.  There are pictures of him as an infant and then as he grew into a toddler and young man.

The photos I’ve chosen for today are from this album and feature my Dad with his parents, visiting the Jackson Monument in Washington, D.C. in 1917.  As the map indicates, the drive on today’s roads is just under 8 hours.

Here are my questions: 
  • How did my family get to Washington, D.C.? Car, bus or train? 
  • How long did the journey take them? 
  • How long were they there? 
  • Did they stop at other locations? 
GOULD_Harry Marie & Norm visiting the Jackson Monument in Wash DC_cropped
On the left, my Dad with his father and on the right with his mother

You can see my grandmother’s writing underneath the photographs.  "Jackson Monument Washington, D.C." There is writing on many of the pages in this album.  Thankfully my grandma wrote in pencil and much of the writing has survived over 100 years.  I purposely left the rough edges around this photo cropped from my scan of this particular album page.  The black pages are all crumbling now and the album has been scanned and placed into an archival container.
I never heard (or maybe never listened), when my Dad or his parents talked about this trip or others they took.  I’m glad my grandmother preserved these memories.

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Happy hunting,
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  1. Great post and photos. I live in the Washington DC metro area and walk by the Jackson statue in Lafayette Park (across from the White House) every morning. It's fascinating to see how the neighborhood has changed over the decades.

    1. Thanks Michael. I'm enjoying your blog and also enjoyed your interview on "May I Introduce" in Geneabloggers.

  2. Great photos, there must be a lot of interesting pictures in that album!

    1. You're right about that Anna. Most of them I've figured out, some of them I'm still working on. What a treasure. I'm very thankful to have it.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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