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TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY ~ Baptismal record for Abraham Rosett–1728

Today I’m highlighting a record I located on my first trip to the Family History Library, in June 2011.
The record was located in The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, July 1928, page 42.

ROSET_Abraham_birth-baptismal record from 1728_annotated

Transcription: 1728 Aug 11 Roset, David and Tryntje Spyr – Abraham. Wit: Johannes Spry; Sara Wouterse.

Also on this page is the baptismal record of my husband’s 5th great granduncle, Johannes Kip.

I located this publication and photographed several pages.  I was at the library for 5 days and took over 500 photographs of books, publications and other data during that first visit to the FHL.
TIP: I prefer to use a camera to capture any data I find.  It’s quick & efficient and allows you to see if there was any error in the image when it was taken.  I take along clothes pins to hold book pages open.  I find this method works better for me, than hand held scanners, copy machines or using phones or tablets.

These types of publications can contain many wonderful references to records.
Do we still need to try to find the original record? YES.  But, this certainly points us in the right direction.


He is my husband’s 5th great grandfather.

1. Abraham Rosett 2Aug 1728 – 6 Jan 1775 married Catherine Kip on 13 Apr 1752.  She was born 8 Mar 1728/30 and died circa 1761.

2. David Rosett/Rosette 21 Dec 1754 – 128 Apr 1819 married Lydia Bailey May 1779. Lydia was born about 1760 and died 23 Dec 1842.

3. Dr. Abraham Rosette 29 Jul 1780 – 8 Apr 1815 married Susan Boylston on 30 May 1804.  Susan was born about 1783 and died 23 Apr 1847.

4. Almira Rosette about 1806 – Sep 1858 married Rev. George Hall on 11 Mar 1834.  Rev. George Hall was born 34 Jun 1804 and died 3,44 Sep 1878.

5. Thomas Cornelius Hall 51845 – 518 Jan 1897 married Cora E. Brown 1875-1878.  Cora was born 3 Aug 1854 and died 9 Sep 1933.

6.  Charles Schuyler Hall 5 Mar 1878 – 25 Mar 1953 married Daisy Fern Bright on 15 Oct 1903. Daisy was born 19 Apr 1882 and died 23 Oct 1953.

7. Gordon Charles Hall 29 Jul 1917 – 12 Jan 1966 married Dorothy Beatrice Fink on 22 Aug 1948.  Dorothy was born 7 Nov 1913 and died 6 Oct 1993 (23 years ago today).

8.  My husband

Don’t overlook newsletters and other publications when you are visiting any library or other repository.  They could be the key to finding those records you need.

Some sources used for the information contained in this post include: 1. U.S., Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1704-1930 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.  2. New York   Film Number 974.7 B2N V. 90-93:   Abraham Rosett; digital image,  "New York, Births & Christenings, 1640-1962," ( 7 May 2012).  3.  Necrological Report Alumni Assoc. of Princeton Theological Seminary 1879.  4. Minsterial Directory of the Presbyterian Church 1861-1941.  5. Register of Death-Village of Saratoga Springs, NY.

TOMBSTONE TUESDAY - Abraham & Susan Rosette - died 1815 & 1847

TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY - The actual church record for the marriage of Jeremiah Hall & Elizabeth Bailey 22 Dec 1748

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  1. Great tip about using clothes pins. Never in a million years would I have thought of that. Thanks, Diane.

    1. Thanks Barbara - it works 90% of the time. I also bring some of those large black clips with me, but don't use those as much because they are more damaging to the books. I stand up, to get the best view for every picture, so it's great exercise.


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