Saturday, October 29, 2016

SEPIA SATURDAY ~ From Here to There–By boat, pony, derby car and canoe

This particular topic, From Here to There, hasn’t been an easy one for me.  Seems my family didn’t take many travel photos in or around anything but cars.

For this post, I went through my various surname folders and located some photos of family in different places and in different modes of transportation. 

This first one is my maternal Grandfather, Joseph A. Milne (1883-1957) standing on a boat.  There’s no information as to where he is or where he’s going.  Since he was born, raised and died in Detroit, Michigan, I can assume he may have been on a lake, somewhere in Michigan.  This photo would have been in the early 1900’s.  My grandparents married in 1906.

MILNE_Joseph on boat deck early 1900s_enh

Next is a picture of my husband, Ron, with his parents, Gordon & Dorothy Hall.  They traveled to Niagra Falls in 1955.  All the way from San Diego to New York, by car.  Also traveling with Ron & his parents, was his grandmother, Freada Doller Fink. 

HALL_Ron with his parents_NiagraFalls_1955_cropped

This next picture is one of my mother, Patricia Milne, on a pony.  Horseback is a mode of travel and one she and I shared a love of.  I can narrow down the time frame by looking at the address numbers behind my Mom.  The family was living at 5182 Clarendon in Detroit, between 1930 & 1935.  This would make my mother any where from 6-11 yrs. old and I’m guessing closer to six in this photo.  She's so cute.

MILNE_Patricia_on a pony_enh

This next photo is a picture of Bobby Lindsay, sitting in his derby car contemplating how he lost the race.  Robert “Bobby” Lindsay, Jr. is my 2nd cousin once removed.  He is closely related to my cousin, Marian.  Bobby died of Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease, at the age of 22 on 6 Jun 1946.  Bobby was one of three children born to Robert Lindsay & Wilma Hoefler. His sister died at the age of 5, leaving just one brother who thankfully led a long life.

LINDSAY_Bobby after losing a derby race

This last photo is of my Dad and his parents, in a canoe.  Were they just going out or coming in?  They seem awfully dressed up to be riding in a canoe.  My paternal grandparents, Harry W. Gould and Marie Lindsay spent a lot of time up at Port Huron in St. Clair County, Michigan.  They eventually purchased a cottage on the lake, which I visited frequently as a little girl.  My grandmother loved to swim. 

GOULD_Harry_Marie & Norm in canoe with others

In this boat are – far left, my grandmother, Marie Lindsay Gould, the young man with the cap is my Dad, H. Norman Gould and sitting down is my grandfather, Harry W. Gould.  I can’t say for certain who the other two ladies or the man standing are.  Maybe one of my cousins can help me out here.

So, that’s all for this months Sepia Saturday theme From Here to There.  I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them.

Please feel free to share any older photos you have of your ancestors traveling….from here to there.


As always, if you think you might be related to anyone mentioned in this blog post, please contact me.
Happy hunting and safe travels,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Nice collection of photos. You covered most modes of transportation. I especially like the first one of your grandfather on the ship. He looked quite debonair. :)

    1. Thanks. I think so too. Loved how everyone dressed back than. This may well have been a ferry boat, as some of my Michigan connections have mentioned.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. These are great photos, Diane! Love that derby car, that's a great photo to have. And your husband was an adorable little boy.

    1. Thanks Anna. Thanks to my cousin Marian, I have that derby car photo. Until I met her via our research, I never knew that little Bobby existed. And the little blonde boy in the photo, that I later married, is handsome to this very day :) :)


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