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My grandmother - Marie Lindsay Gould
LOOK – There are sibling links on this memorial!

How did I do that?

We've always been able to create links to Parents & Spouses because the site has that ability built-in.

What is not built into the website is the ability link to other family members, like siblings.  Have you ever wanted to do this?  I know I have.

It involves a bit of computer coding (out of my realm of expertise). However, thanks to my cousin, Paula, and my brother, John, with their expertise, I am now able to add those links.

Here are the instructions for adding them to any memorial:

1.  Click on the “edit bio” area of the memorial
2.  Once the bio screen comes up you can now add the coding.  I add it just below whatever bio I have already written.  Of course, if there is no bio, then you simply add the coding to the blank bio.

FAG edit bio screen
Here is Marie Gould's bio screen - you can see the sibling links below her bio.

3.  Copy & save the code below, located between the two lines.

Please note that you will need to insert the information from your own memorial, where I have indicated in red 
DO NOT add any spaces or other characters, if there are none in the code.  

If you leave out or add any spaces the posting will not be correct.
&nbsp <a class="NoUnderline12point" href="fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=INSERT the memorial number here">INSERT first name here<i> INSERT Maiden name here </i> INSERT married name here (INSERT year of birth & death here, with a space before & after the dash) </a>
&nbsp <a class="NoUnderline12point" href="fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid= INSERT the memorial number here ">INSERT first & last name here, no space in between(INSERT year of birth & death here, with a space before & after the dash)</a>
Use the first code for married females. Use the second for males.
NOTE:  If you want the siblings to show up as in the picture of Marie Gould's memorial (with no spaces between the names), then you can delete the space between the individual codes.  This is the ONLY space that can be eliminated without affecting the code itself, because it is not a part of the code. 
This may seem complicated at first, but it really isn’t.  It’s copy, paste, insert and save. 
The worst that can happen is you have to go back and change it.  Or you have to  delete it from the bio because it came out wrong.  No harm has been done, either way.
BUT, it is really nice to have those links to siblings.  WHY?
  • Because a cousin or other relative may come across your posting and not know how they might be related until they see that sibling listed.
  • It makes it easy for you to go to other family members by just clicking on the sibling links.
  • Because I think it completes a person’s memorial to have their siblings linked to them.
ADDITIONAL NOTE - I have had a few comments from readers, so please remember, as with any changes of this kind on, they can ONLY be made to the memorials you personally manage.

I’ve been a member now for nearly 8 years.  I have located many family members resting places, found cousins, had cousins find me, learned where someone died and just generally enjoyed the site.  

Here is a link to my profile page

That's me at Willow Grove Cemetery in Armada, Michigan, during a 2010 visit.

I hope this has been helpful to you.  I always welcome your comments. Oh, and I still need to add this code to many of my own memorials.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

Copyright © 2014 Diane Gould Hall


  1. You don't need all that code. Find A Grave already gives you the code for linking one memorial to another. It is in the FAQ or Help with Find A Grave section. I have copied it here so you don't have to go look it up. [I've been using it for years. Particularly, to link children when other memorial owners will not link the parents.]
    How do I add a link from one memorial to another?
    In order to create a link in the biography of one memorial to someone else's memorial (such as the person's spouse or parent), you will need to use a bit of HTML code. It's hard to put into words, so here is an example (from Johnny Carson's biography which has a link to Red Skelton's memorial page): Pioneering Television Legend, Comic, Host. Carson began his entertainment career in radio but quickly moved to television. He moved to Hollywood to become a writer for "The Red Skelton Show."

    In the biography, you would need to type
    < a href="">Name< /a>

    where XXXXXXX is the GRid number of the memorial you want to link. The GRid is a unique id for each memorial and as such is the only thing within the entire URL that must be included. The "Name" is what will show up on the screen as a link.

    You will need to remove the space between < and a at the beginning as well as the space between the < and / at the end. The spaces were added here to actually show you the code.

    You can also use "Add relationship links" on the memorial page. You can add the links to father, mother, and multiple spouses. Adding this information will automatically post the reverse information to the linked memorial as well.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate your comment. The reason I wrote this post is because I've had many people comment that they had a difficult time figuring out the code in the FAQ's or they couldn't find it. And, to my knowledge, the Add Relationships Link does not allow for siblings, just father, mother and spouses.
      I'm hoping that by creating a step by step process this will assist those who want to add the siblings link. It is always my goal to be helpful.
      Thank you for visiting,

  2. Hey, Michigan Girl! I'm another Michigan Girl doing genealogy on my Michigan families. It gave me goosebumps to see you in the Willow Grove Cemetery where so many of my family are buried. SUPER trick about adding siblings! I've always wanted to do that, too. But it looks like you can only use this on memorials you yourself create, correct? I made my Dad's memorial so I was able to add his twin brother, but I can't add my Dad to his twin brother's memorial because I didn't create my Uncle Dick's memorial, so I don't have access to his bio. It's too bad the connection doesn't go both ways the way it does when you add a parent or a spouse. Love your blog!

    1. Thanks! So what are some of your surnames? You can check the tab "my genealogy" and see family group sheets. But, some of mine in that area are Gould, Hart, Pratt, Tibbitts, Head and Ingraham. Wonder if we are connected? Wouldn't that be fun.
      Thanks for visiting,

    2. All you need to do is contact the person who owns the memorial and ask them to add the parents to their memorial and it will attach that memorial to the family. That is SO much easier than all the above coding. Just be sure to tell them in the edit function and give the FAG numbers in the request. If they refuse to do it, just contact FAG and they will do it for you.


      Carolyn Leverich Atkinson
      FAG 47114736

    3. Carolyn,
      Thank you for your comment. My post is not about adding parents or spouses, but about adding siblings to FAG. Adding the parents and spouses is easy, as you said. I hope that one day they will also allow us to add siblings as easily. In the meantime we will have to rely on the coding to do that.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Thank you very much. I appreciate that you are sharing this. I have wondered how to link siblings for years but hadn't figured out how to do it.

  4. Good news, Find-A-Grave now allows sibling links. However, it is done through the parent link and not a separate sibling link.

    How do a person's siblings show up on their memorial page?
    When an individual's memorial page is linked to one or more parent memorial pages, that individual's memorial will show up as a sibling on any other memorial pages that have been linked to one of the parents. The individual's name will show up on the sibling list of their own memorial to help show where the individual was in the birth order of the siblings. Memorials may only be linked to parents and spouses, and sibling links are automatically generated; there is no ability to add sibling links directly to a memorial page.

    You can see an example here; half-siblings are marked **

    1. Paul - that's good news. I will go take a look at that today. I am woefully behind in adding the sibling links to all of my memorials. Thanks for sharing the information with me. And many thanks to visiting my blog.


  5. Thought I hit preview and not publish. I did add a link to this article on my blog as part of my discussion of the new change. I think your solution is a great workaround for siblings when the parents aren't known and the siblings are on Find-A-Grave.

    1. Thank you for linking to my blog.


  6. Can you tell me whether sibling displays that were made by memorial managers using the HTML coding ended up have duplication of sibling display when the new feature was implemented on Find A Grave the other day? I just started watching this issue yesterday on forums when I found your very interesting blog.

    Many thanks, Terry Ellen Ferl (Find A Grave contributor)

  7. Can you tell me whether sibling displays that were made by memorial managers using the HTML coding ended up having duplication of sibling display when the new feature was implemented on Find A Grave the other day? I just started watching this issue yesterday on forums when I found your very interesting blog.

    Many thanks, Terry Ellen Ferl (Find A Grave contributor)

    1. Terry,
      Good question. I am just now learning about the new feature on FindaGrave and need to go and take a look. I've had two people comment this morning. Thank you for your kind comment about my blog. I hope you'll visit often.


    2. Terry,
      I just got the answer to your question. Yes, there is a duplication of the siblings now. If someone has already added the siblings using the code, FindAGrave also adds them by the parent link and there are now two entries. I guess we will all have to go in and remove the code now to eliminate the duplication. The only time we will need the code is if the parents aren't known. I will update my blog post. Thank you for your question.


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