Sunday, January 26, 2014

CHURCH RECORD SUNDAY–Dorothy Fink Baptismal Record

FINK_DorothyandAl_as toddlers
Dorothy with her older brother Al
Fink_Hall-Dorothy_headshot 1951 sepia
Dorothy circa 1954

Dorothy Beatrice Fink, born 7 Nov 1913 in Buffalo, Erie, New York

Baptized on 17 May 1914 

Daughter of Henry August Fink & Freada E. Doller

Married Gordon Charles Hall on 22 Aug 1948, San Diego, San Diego Co., California

Mother of one son, still living

Died 6 Oct 1993, San Diego, San Diego Co., California

Yesterday as I was going through a metal box that had belonged to my husband's mother, I found a treasure that was folded up at the bottom.  You just never know what you will find and I certainly didn't expect this to be at the bottom of the box with old bank records and deeds.  

Here's the box.  One more note.  If you'll notice the name of the baking company from Buffalo - it's HALL Baking Company.  Funny, because after Dorothy moved to San Diego she married Gordon Hall.
An old metal box with many treasures
And what was the treasure I found?

Dorothy's baptismal certificate from May 1914

FINK_Dorothy B_baptismal certificate_May 1914_enhanced

I just love finding items like this.  I’m going to frame this one and hang it in my office with other special documents.

Happy hunting and I hope you too find lots of precious keepsakes,

Michigan Girl

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  1. I have my Grandma's Confirmation scroll, similar to that one. She had kept it in her Hope Chest along with her Hall Monitor pin while in middle school. :)

    1. Tracy - would love to see it. If you have a picture maybe you could send it to me or show me on Sunday?


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