Family photos

My Great Grandparents - William Val GOULD driving, next to him is his daughter, Helen, then his son, Roy.  In the back seat my great grandmother, Mae Thorp GOULD is on the far right and the two other young ladies may be daughters, Gladys & Adele GOULD - circa 1910-15
My LINDSAY Great Grandparents and their 4 children, including my grandmother, Marie - Left to right Ellen, William, in his lap is little Wm. "Bill", Elizabeth, Marie and Bessie - circa 1896

My Paternal Grandparents - Marie Lindsay Gould & Harry Whipple Gould - 1912
Me as a little girl with my grandparents, Harry & Marie Gould and my little brother Norm Gould - 1952
My Great Grandmother & 5 of her sisters - these are the HUNTER sisters, back row - left to right - Grace, Daisy, Ada and front row are left to right Estelle, my great grandmother Florence and Myra - circa 1910
My 2nd great grandfather, Horace Thorp 1836-1907
My Great Grandmother - Florence Hunter - 1869-1946
My husband's grandfather - Charles S. Hall - 1878-1953
Ladies in my direct line - Top row-3rd great grandmother, Nancy Lunsford, great grandmother, Florence Hunter, mother, Patricia Milne. Second row - 2nd great grandmother, Susan Boggs, grandmother, Florence Bowden, great grandmother, Mae Thorp. Bottom - grandmother, Marie Gould, great grandmother, Elizabeth Fitzcharles.
William Allen Boggs - my 3rd great grandfather - 1815-1899
Nancy Delilah Lunsford, wife of William Boggs - 1819-1895
Susan Caroline Boggs, my 2nd great grandmother - 1842-1913
Anthony Bowen Boggs-1st cousin 4x removed - 1832-1883
Richard Lunsford and wife Martha Morrison - my 3rd great grand uncle and aunt
Husband of my great Grandaunt, Ada Hunter - this is William James KING - 1856-1940
My DAD - Harry Norman Gould - 1912-1991.  This photo was taken in 1933, when he was 21 yrs. old

Left to right - My Great Grandmother, Mae Thorp Gould, her daughter Helen Gould and her husband, my Great Grandfather, William Val Gould

My handsome Great Grandfather, William V. Gould 1859-1924

My grandmother, Florence Bowden Milne 1888-1986
This photo was taken in 1906 when she was 18 yrs. old

My 2nd Great Grandaunt - Lucyette Thorp

My 2nd Great Granduncle - Reverend Wallace Walter Thorp

Cora Lee Lunsford - 1886-1970 - 2nd cousin 3x removed


  1. I see your grandmother's name is listed as Florence Bowden Milne. Is Milne her Married name or her maiden name? My maiden name is Bowden so I was wondering if there might be some connection.
    Thanks in advance.
    Dana Bowden Harvey

    1. Dana,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. My grandmother's maiden name is, indeed, Bowden. I am excited to hear from anyone who may have a connection. Her father, Robert L. Bowden is a huge brick wall in our tree. My brother, John, and I have worked for years trying to locate parents or siblings for him. I would be very happy to exchange information with you. Please contact me privately at michiganfamilytrails at
      I wrote the email that way to avoid the crawlers who haunt the web and steal emails. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I found the name Presley Lunsford on a list of unclaimed civil war medals in West Virginia.The state is looking for the family members to come claim them.

    1. Hi Amanda - Presley Lunsford is definitely one of my ancestors and was killed in the war. Thank you for telling me about this, I will look into it.


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