Saturday, November 30, 2013


Since I opened the Deluxe version of Legacy 8 yesterday afternoon, I’ve been playing around with the program.  I like to learn as much as I can about a program I’m going to be using every day.  And, since I was very familiar with version 7, I have work to do. 
As I was clicking on each individual tab at the top of the program, I was looking at the options as I went along.  I clicked on the REPORTStab and saw an option that I don’t remember seeing in version 7.  The option was “Statistics Report.”  I wonder what that is?  You can see it is the 5th icon from the left.

When I clicked on it I was completely surprised!  There was this grand report with ALL sorts of interesting data from my family file.  I was so excited I read each page (it’s 6 pages long).  Then I created a PDF version of the report.  I rarely print anything to paper these days, but somehow I wanted to be able to have this handy at my desk.  Plus, I was able to go out to the living room and bore my husband with “yet another” genealogy tidbit.  He is very long-suffering, believe me.  It’s just the two of us here in the house, so who else am I going to share all these wonderful discoveries with?  I mean, besides you, my loyal readers?
Here are just some of the statistics this report creates for you:
  • Total number of individuals
  • Births by era (it gives you the number of people born in each century)
  • Average lifespan of Individuals (again, by century and then by gender)
  • Longest marriages by century
  • Most popular given names
  • Most popular surnames
  • Most popular locations
Here are the 6 pages from my family file.  I was surprised by some of these and not by others.  Probably my biggest surprise was the incredible number of people in my file who use Detroit, Wayne, Michigan as a location – 766.  The next closest number is 393 for Ohio.

  To take a closer look at any of the images above – please click on them to enlarge.

For those of you who are using Legacy software and have begun using version 8, I think we are very fortunate.   I’ve always enjoyed this program and the features it offers us.  

Like many of you, I’m not eager to embrace changes.  Especially if I’m very happy with something I’m currently using.  It’s the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

So far, I’m happy with version 8.  I know there are a few glitches they still have to work out and I’m sure they will.  I’ve already submitted a couple of suggestions.  

I’m off to find more fun new features.

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Hi Diane, I saw the HART surname so thought I would ask about any connections. My GG grandfather, Joseph W. Scates, married Elizabeth "Betsy" Hart May 18, 1819 in Pittsylvania County Virginia and probably died in Tennessee. Thanks, Hazel MacArthur

    1. Hi Hazel - thanks for visiting my blog. I have done a lot of research on my Harts, but don't recognize either of the names you mention. There is a Betsy Hart in my line, but she was born much later and I know who she married, when she died and her burial location. My Harts all seem to hail from New England and Canada.
      Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

  2. How fun. I will have to see if TMG has any similar reports available. Thanks!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  3. Okay, so I hadn't noticed this either, so thanks for pointing it out! It's seriously a very fun feature.


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