Thursday, December 5, 2013


I’ve been playing around with the color schemes in Legacy 8.  I have found SO many ways that you can customize your colors.  Even BETTER than version 7.5!

However, I apparently missed one little thing regarding the label colors when you view the Individual’s Information screen.  The labels for entries that have sources was colored red and I wanted them to be blue.  I went to one of my favorite Facebook pages TECHNOLOGY FOR GENEALOGY (here is the link to the page: and posed my question about how to get those labels to change.


Of course I knew that someone in the group could answer my question, and they did.  Thank you to Michael Giallella.  And now, as you see in this screen shot, my labels are blue.

Click on the “Options” tab, then click on “Change Colors.” 
When the little box pops up, then click on “Click here to change other user-interface colors.”  

Now you’ll see a screen called “Set Interface Colors.”  Click on the “OTHER COLORS” tab.

From there you can click on each of the choices at the bottom of the screen and change those colors to any number of choices.  I clicked on “Sources” – “Text color for Label Showing Attached Sources” and selected my blue.  Then I clicked on “Select this Color” and BINGO!  My labels were now blue.

Sometimes it takes us a while, when we get an upgrade or new version of a favorite program, to get used to the new interface.  

TIP:  When you are using a new version or upgrade of any software, be sure that you really play around with it and become very familiar.  Otherwise you will become frustrated and spend too much time looking for things you used to know how to do.  If there are tutorials, read them, if there is a book or CD’s, consider purchasing them.  And never ever be afraid to ask.  For us as genealogists we have access to so many others who share our passion and are happy to help.  If you haven’t taken advantage of the wealth of information and help available on the Technology for Genealogy page on Facebook, then I highly recommend you check it out and join the group.  You’d be surprised what you will learn.  

SOMETHING ELSE I LEARNED JUST A DAY OR TWO AGO – How to change the colors on the tabs

Go to OPTIONS and click on the “Tab Color” icon third from the left.  You can also use the “Tab Style” icon to change how your tabs will look.   You’ll get a drop down list when you click on the icon.  

I chose “Access 2007” and “Multicolor Tabs” and this is how mine now look.  You can tell that I like colors.

Have fun with your program and don’t be afraid to “play” with your options. 

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Thanks for blogging about the color options in Legacy 8. I, too, like the mutli-color views, but remembering where all the customization features are is daunting. Have you discovered the options index yet? Go to Options, Customize and select the last item. It's helpful in finding just where those features can be changed.

  2. Okay I liked this post too. I have a question though. On that last picture, your background around the edges (sorry I am not sure what it is called) with the kind of tweed fabric look--how did you get that? I love how yours looks!

    1. Michelle - That background is actually included in the background selections within Legacy. If you go to your C drive, or the place you have Legacy on your computer. Then open up the BackGrnd folder, you will see all the selections. The one you see on that last image is called BLACKFAB. Another nice one is BBOARD, which I use on my desktop. I periodically change the background and have even downloaded some that I've found online. Hope that helps.

  3. Thank you so much Diane! It's looking awesome now!

    1. That's great Michelle. Isn't this exactly why we write blog posts? We hope that what we write helps someone. Mission accomplished for me today. Thanks for letting me know.


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