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 Your list can include technology items, apps or research related items.

Here is my letter:

Dear Genea-Santa,
I have tried to be good this entire year.  I have begun posting regularly on my blog and hope that it is helping people.  I have joined a couple of new societies in order to show support.  I’ve helped family and friends with their genealogy questions.  I have added a lot more people and sources to my database.  I’ve even tried to spend more time on other things in my life, like family & friends and spend less time in my office.  

Dear Santa, here is my list:
  1. Absolutely my number one wish is to be able to link (with substantial proof), my 2nd Great Grandfather, John C. Gould to his parents and/or any siblings.  Oh please Santa!
  2. To become a bit more focused in my research….well, ok, a LOT more focused. 
  3. To get a  1T or larger external hard drive for backing up all my data.
  4. To make another trip to Salt Lake City.
I have left you some egg nog and special snicker doodle cookies so you won’t leave here hungry.  
Thanks for listening and tell Rudolph and the elves hello for me.

Now, readers, tell me what your genealogy wishes are this year.  Leave me a comment or a link to your own blog.

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Thanks for the suggestion Randy.

Here’s to all your wishes being fulfulled,
Michigan Girl

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  1. My genealogical wish is either for someone to gift me or for some library to lend it through inter-library loan (but apparently its in the non-circulating collection, as I tried, sigh), "Amish and Amish Genealogies" by Hugh F Gingerich and Rachel W. Kreider, published in 2007 by Pequea Publishers. It costs $129 on Amazon. It purportedly has a "complete, accurate genealogy of Speichers from "Ulrich (c. 1712-1785)" on down". I am pretty sure would this be my family up from Frances "Fanny" Speicher who married Henry Y Zimmerman, my Mennonite soldier (3rd great- grandparents on my maternal maternal line). It's funny, I can get hints of most of the line beyond the step I need but not the connection I need to get there. I need to connect Frances to her (probable) parents Johann Christian Speicher and Veronica "Feronica" Miller. (I even have a book taking Feronica back to "Indian John" Miller (which sounds fascinating in & of itself) but its useless unless I can connect Frances to Johann Christian Speicher and Veronica "Feronica" Miller. And I'm pretty sure Johann Christian Speicher goes up to this Ulrich person but not positive. So having the book or access to the book would be fabulous. But I can't justify spending $129 on a maybe! Highly frustrating!

    1. Jo. I wish you the best in locating that book. Have you tried finding it on eBay? Maybe someone has a copy they are trying to sell? Another idea, if you know which library has it, is to get someone in the area to go and photograph the pages that would be pertinent to your family. I'm assuming its not available on Google books? Just trying to think of ways I would go about trying to get it.
      Anyway, best of luck and thanks for visiting my blog today.

    2. There's an older version (1980's) available but the 2007 versions says "corrections made" so I don't want the older version - which is in the NYS Archives about 14 miles away in Albany (easy enough to get if it were the right one). The closest library with the 2007 version, non-circulating, per my local librarian is the NYC public library. I don't know anyone who can go there & I hate the City (small town girl at heart), plus it's a $75 train ticket to go or tolls and outrageous parking. I have a brother who is a University professor in NH, I'm going to ask him to try as sometimes universities can get things through inter-library loan that regular folks can't (not sure how a psych prof will justify the need though). ; )

  2. Hi Diane, My genea-wish this year is for Santa to bring me a FamilyTree DNA kit and it would also be great if he could convince one of my parents to take it! By the way, I love the new 'Road to the Past' photo.


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