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      BORN 100 YRS. AGO 
November 7, 1913 - October 6, 1993
A tribute to my husband's mother

Dorothy Beatrice Fink, was born November 7, 1913 in Buffalo, New York.  She was the second child and first daughter of Henry August Fink and Freada Emma Meta Doller. She joined her brother, Elwood "Al," born just a year earlier.  Two more children followed, brother Willard "Bill," and sister, Delphine "Honey."

Dorothy and her siblings spent their childhood and early adult years in Buffalo.  

It was about 1936-37 when Henry Fink and his wife, Freada, decided to move to San Diego, California.  Moving with them were all four of their children.   

The entire Fink family worked for General Dynamics in San Diego.  They were the largest family group to work for the company during the war years of the 1940's.  

The Fink family of General Dynamics
Left to right are Floyd Brown (Dorothy's first husband), Floyd's brother, George Brown, Bill Fink, Al Fink, Dorothy Fink, Delphine Fink and Henry August Fink
Dorothy married Gordon Hall and had one son, Ronald.  

Dorothy was a loving wife and mother and is still missed today by her son, her grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.  

A more complete story about Dorothy will be posted next week. 

Here is a picture of Dorothy with her husband Gordon and their young son, Ronald.

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