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It’s always fun when a new record set is released.  Many of us are still discovering family in the 1950 census.

When Scotland released the 1921 census on November 30th, I was sure I’d find family in it.  To learn more about this latest record release you can read here 1921 Scottish Census Released

I created a list, using Legacy, for ancestors who “might” appear in that particular census.

I did this by going to the Search tab, then to the Census List and choosing the criteria, then Create List

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This produced a list of 90 individuals from my Legacy tree.

When I view the list it gives me options to view all the tabs and information I have entered for that particular person.  Because of that, I was able to choose the candidates who would likely be found in the 1921 census, based on their timeline.

By viewing their Detail and Events tabs I could easily see who may have already moved from Scotland prior to 1921 and not bother to look for them in this census.

I selected two ancestors.

They were:

·       Euphemia Anderson FITZCHARLES born 12 Feb 1910 in Grangemouth, Stirling, Scotland, probably living with her parents and

·       Alexander DALE born about 1878 and possibly his wife Clara LINDSAY.

I went to the Scotland’s People website, which I have used very often in the past, and conducted my search.

Because Euphemia would have only been 11 years old, I included her mothers name, Isabella, in my search.  I was immediately able to select the correct record from my list of choices, based on Euphemia’s age.  Fortunately, there were only 2 choices and I knew she was not 64 years old at the time.

Viewing this image costs 6 credits on the website.  I usually have credits saved from my prior searches.  In this case I had 12 credits, which is perfect since I’m trying to view 2 census records.

How much does viewing these records cost in U.S. dollars you might ask? Good question.  I purchased an additional 40 credits today at a cost of £10 UK pounds.  At today’s exchange rate that is $12.17 U.S.

Let’s do some quick math.  $12.17/40 credits = .30 per credit. If viewing one record costs me 6 credits, that equals $1.80.  Pretty reasonable when you think of the cost of ordering birth, death and marriage records from repositories or traveling to find them. 

Next, I went searching for the 1921 census record for Alexander & Clara Dale.  I used Clara’s name, as it would be less common than Alexander.  Again, I was rewarded with only 2 results.  In this case they appeared to be duplicates so I chose the first one.  I was able to ascertain from the record, because of ages and his occupation, that this is the right couple.

This record gives me more evidence to add to the timeline for these ancestors.  I have downloaded the images and will be adding them to Legacy and adding the source etc.

Stay tuned for Sunday's blog post and I’ll be sharing the images with you.

If you are related to or connected to anyone in this blog post, please get in touch.  Let’s exchange information.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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