Saturday, December 31, 2022

ANOTHER YEAR COMES TO A CLOSE~Has 2022 been a good year for research?

It’s that time of year again. 

Time to review what I've accomplished in my research.

This has been a much better year in regards to research, than 2021.  I’ve been able to spend more time at my computer.  I have published just a couple of blog posts less than last year, but still tried to keep posting.  Blogging is something I very much enjoy.  Sharing family stories and hearing from readers makes me smile.

So, what has changed in my tree on Legacy this year?  Let’s have a look.

These are the stats from 2021

2021 Stats

How do they compare to this year?

Here are the stats from 2022

2022 Stats

Here is a comparison between years

There was progress made in all areas. Whether small or big progress it's important to move forward in our research.

I’m happy to that I’ve added more ancestors (240) and that I am also citing my sources.

More importantly, I've made some great discoveries, connected with new cousins and increased my knowledge in many areas.  

My research goal has never been to see how many ancestors I can collect.  Just to do thorough, documented research and let the numbers take care of themselves. 

Have you had a good research year in 2022? 

Did you have specific goals?  Did you achieve them?

My goals for next year will remain the same as most any year.  To continue to do good research.  To connect with more cousins.  To keep sharing family stories on my blog. To attend our first in person Rootstech since 2020 (my tickets are already booked).  To teach a few classes here and there.  And LAST but not LEAST, oh please, can I solve at least one of my two BIG brick walls.

Happy New Year,

Michigan Girl

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