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CENSUS SUNDAY~The 1921 Scottish census for the George, Isabell & Euphemia Fitzcharles


As promised here is the follow up post regarding the 1921 Scottish census records I talked about in How to Locate New Information on My Scottish Ancestors ~ Using the 1921 census

Let’s begin with 11 yr old Euphemia Anderson FITZCHARLES.

Here is the 1921 Scottish census record for this family

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1921 Scottish census for Isabella, Euphemia & George Fitzcharles

In this record we see her mother Isabella, Euphemia and her brother George living in the parish of Arboath & St. Vigeans, in the burgh of Arbroath in the Quoad Sacra Parish of Invenbrothock in the First ward.  They are enumerated on the schedule in the schedule as #69.  The road or street is Lindsay Street and they are at No. 35.  There are 2 rooms in the house with 3 persons.

How interesting that they live on LINDSAY Street.  My paternal grandmother’s surname is Lindsay and this family is part of that line.

Isabella is head of household, age 35 and widowed.  She born in ____ (I cannot make out the location).  Euphemia is 11 yrs. 5 months old and born in Sterling.  Her brother George is 8 yrs. 6 months old and born in Forfar. Isabella’s occupation is abbreviated as H.D.  I wonder if that means Keeping house or household domestic?  There are 2 minor children in this house.

I don’t see anyone else with the same surname or any familiar family names on this census page. 

When we view pages on a website like Ancestry or Family Search, we can scroll to the next or previous page looking for family members who may live close by.  However, since each page view on Scotland’s People website costs me 6 credits, I don’t do that.

This census provides plenty of information to assist me in furthering my research on this family.

·       I have specific birthplaces and not just ages in years, but also months.

·       Isabella is listed as widowed.  If I didn’t already know this, I could then search for her husband’s death record.  However, I do know that her husband and father of her two children, was killed in action in World War I on 27 Mar 1918 in France.  Here is a blog post about him MILITARY MONDAY–Killed in Action–A Tribute to George Briggs Fitzcharles 1886-1918

     ·     In further research for this family it will be helpful to have         the details of their ages and birthplaces.

QUESTIONS:  Isabella is widowed at age 32 with two young children to raise.  How was she supporting herself?  Based on her death record from 1955, she never remarried.  

Of course I had to go looking for more records.  In doing so I may have answered the question about how Isabella was supporting herself and her children.

In Euphemia’s hints on Ancestry there is a link to UK, World War I Pension Ledgers and Index Cards, 1914-1923.  The image can be viewed on Fold3, which I do not currently have a subscription to.

However, I do have a Carlsbad Library card which may give me access to this website.

Sure enough I was able to sign into the library and use my membership number and view the website for Fold3, right here from home.  I found this image of a pension card for Isabella Fitzcharles for her deceased husband’s service in 1st Royal Scots.  Certainly not as much information as I’d like to have, but this still gives me information about what income Isabella had.  How much was it?  Good question.

Well, I was going to write about the other 1921 Scottish census record I uncovered.  However, this post is already long enough, so I’ll cover that one in a future post.

Do you have Scottish ancestry?  Have you used Scotland’s People to find records?  If so, I’d love to hear your stories. 

If you are related to or connected to anyone in this blog post, please get in touch.  Let’s exchange information.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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