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ANCESTORS IN THE NEWS ~ Gordon Charles Hall–my father-in-law, makes news in high school–San Diego, CA., 1935

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that newspapers are a favorite source of information for me.  They cover everything from births to deaths and all the happenings in between.  You can fill in that dash in someone’s life by finding them in newspapers.
Gordon Charles Hall is my father-in-law, now deceased.  Naturally, I’ve written about my husband’s parents before.  You can read about their marriage here CHURCH RECORD SUNDAY–Gordon & Dorothy Hall and their burial here THOSE PLACES THURSDAY ~ Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery–San Diego, California.

Today I decided to conduct a search of Genealogy Bank, since they contain many editions and years of the San Diego Union and Tribune.  I am usually searching for marriage announcements or obituaries.  But, today, I decided to see if my husband’s father, who was born, lived and died in San Diego, California, had been mentioned at other times in his life.

BINGO!  Here’s what I found.

Gordon & other boys were given the opportunity to “rule” San Diego government for a day.


Published in the San Diego Union, 20 Dec 1934, page 7

An article published in January shows a photo of Gordon Hall sitting at a table with other boys.  This group was appointed as the Board of Education for a day.

Published in the San Diego Union, 6 Jan 1935, page 5

Here's the news article associated with the photo above.

Gordon attended San Diego High School and would have been 17 at the time this occurred, probably a Senior.  I expect it was a fun day for all the boys.

Little did Gordon know, at the time, that his son, born 15 years later, would spend a career working for the City of San Diego.
What fun newspaper articles have you located for your ancestors?  I’d love to hear about them.

Happy hunting,
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