Monday, January 27, 2020

MAYFLOWER SOCIETY ~ Episode 5–My Application is signed and ready to be sent to Plymouth–What happened along the way?

This has been quite a little journey so far.  However, thanks to the incredible help of one of the reviewers (DS, you know who you are), all is well and my application will soon be in the hands of the people in Plymouth.

My application has gone through and been approved by 3 historians.  While there were a few glitches along the way, I’d say the process has gone very well.

In spite of a missing maiden name, two missing marriage records and a death record or two without both parents names, we think there is enough proof to move forward.

How might you make up for those missing records?
  • For the missing maiden name, we have the first name of the wife on other records, that connect her to the husband, as well as her first name being used on records relating to her children
  • For the missing marriage records you might provide – death certificates naming the spouse, obituaries, census records showing the two living in the same household, birth, death & marriage records from the children that name both parents, often including the mother’s maiden name
  • There are probate records that can also be critical in proving relationships – please see the post from June of last year that FINALLY got me going on my process to apply to the Mayflower Society.  FINALLY! Proving the father of my 3rd great grandmother, Olive Doten Hart (1805-1887–WHAT DID I FIND?
  • A Note - All of the above are just suggestions and I certainly don't have the authority to say what will or will not be acceptable.
TIP: When or if you go through this application process, be extra sure you proofread everything carefully.  Even the final application returned from the reviewers/historians.  I found a couple of transcription mistakes and those were easily corrected.  After all, these reviewers aren’t only working on your application, but many others.
So, here is it – the official California Mayflower Society letter asking me to sign my application and return it with a check.  Once the application reaches Plymouth it could take as long as 3 to 4 months to complete.

I can wait it out…….with great anticipation.  Hoping that the next time I hear from them, it’s my membership certificate arriving in the mail.

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Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jana. I am pretty excited about this. Thanks for your support and comments.

  2. Well done - congratulations. I appreciate the suggestions and will have to use them on my application also because I have the same problems.

    1. Thanks Randy. The process has been relatively smooth considering some of the stories I’d heard. We can mull all this over at Rootstech. :)

  3. Three cheers! I hope the waiting time goes by quickly for you, Diane.

    1. Me too Cathy - the important thing for me is to be approved in 2020. Kind of cool, it being the 400th anniversary and all. :)


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