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ANCESTORS IN THE NEWS ~ A Newspaper Query from 1971 for Susannah BOWEN, my maternal 4th great grandaunt (abt 1776-1834)

Today I’d like to share a newspaper article I located for my maternal 4th great grandaunt, Susannah Bowen.
Susannah is the daughter of my 5th great grandparents, Anthony BOWEN (my DAR patriot) and Alice HAMILTON.  She was one of 8 known children born to this couple.  She and her sister, Hannah both married men named Andrew Elliot BOGGS.  Imagine how confusing that was, when I began my research.

Here’s what I located on newspapers.com.  This query was placed in 1971, back before the internet.  Back when our family histories took a lot of ground work, letters along with newspaper and periodical queries in hopes of finding information.  I have total respect for those genealogists who came before us.  We still need to do the groundwork, in person, as well, but oh my, we have it so easy.

The Indianapolis Star had a column by Pearl Brenton, called HOOSIER ANCESTORS.  This column took up half of page 103 of the paper, except for a couple of large advertisements.

Here’s the whole page with the portion mentioning Susannah Bowen highlighted.  What I like about this column is that the author had all the surnames capitalized.

Kind of difficult to see the article when viewing the entire page.  So here it is cropped.

Now, here is my transcription of the query:

Q-0402 - Where in Henry County is burial place of Susannah (BOWEN) BOGGS who d. 5-4-1834?  Wife of Andrew BOGGS and mother of Jane Sharp who m. Joel LONG and settled in Kosciusko County.  Was also mother of Anthony Bowen BOGGS b 8-12-1795 Greenbrier County, Virginia, d 1873, Geyserville, Calif., m. Mary FRIEND 9-17-1816 Gallia County, Ohio?  Did Anthony own land and run saloon in Henry County?  Was he brother to Cynthia BOGGS b 10-26-1803, d 5-22-1857 near Leesburg, m. 10-25-1824 to James Hale in Jackson County, Ohio?  Will exchange - Mrs. Marilyn Schuelzky, 2530 North Lyon Street, Springfield, Mo 65803.

How valuable is this query?  Let’s evaluate the information contained in this one little short entry.
  • We have a possible location of Susannah’s burial
  • We have her date of death
  • Her husband’s name
  • The name of a daughter, Jane, and who Jane married and where they settled.
  • Another child, Anthony is listed as well as his birth and death date and locations,
  • Who Anthony married, when and where
  • Reference to a business that Anthony may have owned in Henry County
  • Question regarding a possible sister, Cynthia Boggs with her birth & death date and who she married and where
Holy cow!!!  I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.  This is a lot of information that can be followed up and verified.

Some of the information I already have, but not all of it.  I’m looking forward to following the leads from this article.  I can’t enter the data in my tree until I VERIFY all of it.  But, I have wonderful leads to follow.

I wonder if Marilyn Schuelzky of Springfield, Missouri ever got any responses to her query?

I LOVE newspapers.  How about you?  What have you found lately that can help you in your research?

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Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Great news! Any family connection to the "Mrs. Marilyn Schuelzky" or why her interest? Did you find if she also had posted
    other genealogy family requests.
    Super to read.

    1. Thanks for your comment. No connection that I’m aware of....yet. I’m working my way through the clues in the query today. It’s definitely led me to new information about this particular line. Good idea to check for other queries by the same lady.


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