Thursday, August 30, 2018

THOSE PLACES THURSDAY ~ Towns or roads in Michigan using the name GOULD

GOULD street sign
GOULD Rd. sign in Bruce Township, Macomb Co., Michigan

Ever curious about my maiden name, I thought I would find out how many places in Michigan have Gould in their name.

I’ve always known about Gould Rd. in Macomb County, Michigan.  I’ve been on the road during a genealogy road trip and I photographed the street sign.  I’ve even contacted the County of Macomb and tried to find out who the road was named after.  So far, no luck with that.

Since my Gould family lived in Armada, Macomb, Michigan it’s a curiosity as to whether this road could have been named for them.  The burial location of immediate family related to these Goulds is at Rose Hill Cemetery (a place I’ve also been), and is 1.6 miles from Gould Rd.

(All screenshots shown here are courtesy of Google Maps)

Gould rd near Rose Hill cem map
Gould Rd. near Rose Hill Cemetery where many of my ancestors are buried

This past week I discovered there is a GOULD City in Upper Michigan.  I never knew that.  It looks very rural.  I would love to visit.  I’ve never been to Upper Michigan and it’s high on my list of places to go.

Here’s the location of Gould City and also an aerial view.
GOULD city map GOULD city aerial view
There’s even a road in Gould City named S. Gould City Road.

GOULD city S GouldCityRd map

And to my surprise, when I conducted a Google search of Detroit, Michigan, looking for the Gould name, I located a Gould Street.  It’s down along the Detroit River, not too far from Ambassador Bridge.  And, it’s only 12.9 miles, a 20 minute drive from where my grandparents, Harry & Marie Gould lived, at 14520 Asbury Park.
Gould-street-in-Detroit-map-reshaped Gould St to Asbury Park

This has been a fun exercise.  I learned things I didn’t know before, and that’s always a good thing.
Now to find out, if possible, who these streets and roads and cities are named after.  Are they related to me?  I know here in my small town of Ramona, CA., we have many roads named after people who once settled here and had an impact on our town.
Have you ever looked for places named after your family?  I’d love to hear about it.


THOSE PLACES THURSDAY - Armada, Macomb, Michigan

THOSE PLACES THURSDAY - Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, California

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl
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