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Armada, Macomb Co., Michigan

Armada, Michigan is located north of Detroit

  • Armada is a village in Macomb County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 1,730 at the 2010 census. The 2008 Census Bureau Estimate places the population at 1,657. The village is located within Armada Township. Wikipedia

  • Area: 487 acres (197 ha)
    Weather: 52°F (11°C), Wind SW at 0 mph (0 km/h), 100% Humidity
    Local time: Thursday 2:27 PM
    Why am I posting about Armada, Michigan?
    1. Because my Great Grandfather, William Val GOULD (aka Vivaldo William Gould) was born there.
    2. Because his father & mother, John C. GOULD & Sarah HART, were married there in 1858.
    3. Because many other family members were born, married & died there.
    I first heard of Armada, Michigan very early in my research of the GOULD family.  The more I researched the more intrigued I became with this little "town" of Armada.  
    Where was it?  How many members of my family have links to it?
    In 2007 I was able to go back to Detroit for the first time since 1970.  I spent 8 days there, going to libraries, cemeteries, courthouses and meeting long lost cousins, nieces & nephews.  What a treat.
    I had my whole trip planned out.  What I was going to do each day, where I would go, what I was looking for.  This took a LOT of pre-organization (I'll cover genealogy roadtrips in another post).  Since most of the family were working during the days, I knew I could spend the daylight hours doing research and then spend the evenings with family.  That's exactly what I did.
    On about the 3rd or 4th day, it was time to drive north from my hotel and go to Armada.  YEAH!
    It's about 73 miles and takes about an hour to make the drive.  Once I was out of the Detroit metro area, the scenery was lovely.  When I reached Armada I stopped at the welcome sign and took this photo.
     WOW!!!  I was finally here.  Armada is just a small town.  The town hall consisted of about 6 employees.  There was construction on main street so I had to park and walk.  Not a problem.
    I didn't find any information at the town hall as far as old records.  I was kind of hoping I would, but apparently the records are kept at the county level, as most records are.  But, you never know when you might get lucky.
    I knew that several family members, including my 2nd Great Grandparents, Henry HART& Olive Doten HART were buried at a small cemetery called Rose Hill Cemetery.  It's located on Coon Creek Rd.  You have to take GOULD Rd. to get to it.  Yes, a road named after my father's family.  My maiden name.  And another road nearby is named PRATT Rd.  Another family I'm linked to.  This was very exciting.  
    Here are some photos from Rose Hill Cemetery.

    As you can see it's a small country cemetery.  It's located in between homes on a dirt road.  Just a small chain link gate is the entrance.
    Once there I was able to locate the headstone for my 2nd great grandfather & his wife and their son.  In addition, as I walked the cemetery, I found many other family surnames.  I took as many pictures as I could because I wasn't sure who I might find connected to me, that I wasn't familiar with at this time.
    TIP:  Whenever you visit a cemetery, large or small, always walk all around and look for other family surnames.  You can check at the office, if there is one.  If not, as in this case, then just document what you find by taking pictures and/or notes.
    Note:  After I got home I was able to connect our family, by marriages to many of those buried at this cemetery.

    Headstone for Olive Hart
    My 2nd Great Grandfather, Henry HART, was born about 1785 in New Hampshire and died 26 Apr 1879 in Armada, Macomb, Michigan.  He married Olive DOTEN bet 1830-1835, possibly in Canada.  She was born in 1805 in Vermont and died 10 Apr 1887 in Armada, Macomb, Michigan.  They had 9 children.  Several of those children are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.  The HART children married into the following families in Armada: PRATT, RICHARDS, GOULD, HEAD, TIBBETS, BEALS, GAYLORD, WETHERELL & INGRAHAM.

    There's so much history here and many stories to uncover.  I've found a few, but still have more to find.  

    Visiting places that your ancestors lived is so very rewarding.  It can reveal clues to their lives, give you information you didn't have before, lead to new family finds and expand your family.
    Who knows?  You might even find some cousins among those still living in the area.

    Happy hunting,
    Michigan Girl


    1. Many years ago, when I was a freshman at Wayne State University in Detroit, my Geography class took a field trip on a weekend up into the thumb of Michigan. One of the places we passed through was Armada. Little did I know that decades later I'd be so closely linked to that little town because the ancestors of a sister I never suspected I had, lived there. John Zimmerman

    2. We never know where our Family Trails will take us, do we?
      So happy that the trail finally led my brother, John and I to know each other.

    3. I live in the home on the southeast corner of pratt and cooncreek road.There used to be a church on the southwest corner that burned down. Someone told me that my home used to be a country store back in 1850. Would you happen to know anything about that or be able to lead me in the direction of finding out about 21010 pratt road?

      1. I am not able to help you personally. However, may I suggest that you contact the Macomb County Genealogy Society. Another place to find information about land or buildings would be the Armada city hall. I was in there once on one of my trips to Armada. Having worked for a municipal government for years I know that they will have records, or the county will have records. But, someone should be able to direct you where to find them. I also found quite a few land records in books at the Mt. Clements Library.
        I hope my suggestions are helpful and good luck with your search.
        Thanks for stopping by.


    I look forward to reading your comments. If you have any connection to the people mentioned in this blog, please let me know. I write about mine and my husband's ancestors and would welcome new information or meeting a new cousin or two. Thanks for visiting and come back soon.