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Transcription of Land Document from William PENN to William FRAMTON

1684, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Definition of Amanuensis?  John Newmark who writes the Transylvanian Dutch Blog, started this Monday theme many months ago.  I want to give him credit for it, as many bloggers have now begun using this theme.  The definition given by John is this "a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

With that in mind, I have below, a picture of a document photographed by a cousin. Since we have ancestors that hail from Pennsylvania, she was looking for evidence and documents during her visit.  She located this very interesting land transaction from William PENN to our ancestor, William FRAMTON also spelled FRAMPTON. 

NOTE:  William Framton/Frampton is my 8th Great Grandfather. 

Below is my first attempt at transcribing this document.  I have left blanks where I was unable to read the word or words and have highlighted in yellow words that I am unsure of.  Both my cousin Amy & my brother, John are also going to take a crack at transcribing this document.  Having more than one set of eyes will, I'm sure, give us more insight and help identify the words I have not been able to.  Between the three of us I hope we can fill in most of the blanks.

Finding documents like this can enhance your understanding your family and certainly enrich the stories behind the names.  Having a connection to William Penn, the founder of the province of Pennsylvania, and English real estate entrepreneur, philosopher and early Quaker, connects our family to a part of our countries early history. 
Here is a picture of William Penn 
To learn more about William Penn you can go to this link at Wikipedia.

So keep searching for those records and I hope you find some interesting documents.  Please let me know what you find.

Happy hunting,
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  1. What a great find. Found out about a month ago that William Frampton is an ancestor of mine after breaking through a brick wall that's been a problem for over 20 years! Since finding out been madly investigating and writing up a biography - it's up to about 40 pages so far. Found the Silas Crispin lot in this Patent - it's where he had his second residence built, using brick. The first was on their Second Street lot and that became the 'ordinary' or inn. The Front Street lot had the import/export business while the Second Street lot had the brewery, bakery, and inn. Just got a transcript of the lease for the wharf lot as well. After analyzing what is out there I have come to the conclusion that William died on 9 September not 9 July - too many contemporary docs place it in September; only much later does July show up - probably a misread of 7th Month as July. Tracked down the Bristol, England merchant he was involved with, Charles Jones, Junior - turns out he's the father-in-law of William Penn, "Junior" (Wm and Gulielma's eldest). Glad to share with you. (Best to reach me at briansmithdc@aol as I rarely use my gmail account)

    1. Brian. Good for you!! I can only dream of a couple of my 16 yrs brick walls falling. Interesting family, the Frampton’s. They are my direct line so I’ve been researching them for many years. I know I haven’t even begun to find everything. Thanks for commenting. I'll send you an email.

    2. Hi Diane, Thanks - it is so rewarding to still be able to make a significant break-through after 30 years of research! Been busy trying to find William in England but without much luck. Have pretty much rules out the Dorset County Framptons... but not until I spent many hours charting out someone's Frampton family, but not ours! Bristol is the logical choice but have not found a single William as a possibility. I was hoping the supposed coat-of-arms with a 'demi-griffin with a mullet' (how perfect is that for Philly!) might help but after looking into the records I doubt it was William's seal; there were four seals attached to one of the estate records so it's a safe assumption they weren't his (he was dead) but belonged to the four signers. Are you familiar with the ship Isabella and the connection to William?

      I hadn't heard from you so I wanted to touch base again. If you did send an e-mail, it must have been screened out by my filter.


    3. Hello Brian - I just returned from vacation and am checking my blog comments. I will try to send you another email, hopefully your'll get it. Let me know. As to the ship Isabella, no I haven't heard the connection.


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