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SUNDAY’S OBITUARY ~ Harry Whipple Gould–1886-1960–My grandfather

GOULD_Harry_W_Obit_DetFreePress_19_Feb_1960_pg_34_cropped enh

I was only 9 yrs. old when my paternal grandfather died.  We were living in Pompano Beach, Florida.  My grandparents, Harry & Marie lived in a house on the next block from ours.  I was at their home a lot. Prior to moving to Florida we had all lived in Detroit, Michigan.  

I loved my grandpa.  He was always very kind.  I remember that he smoked both cigarettes and cigars.  I have so many questions I’d like to ask him.  But, who asks those questions when they're nine?

Harry Whipple Gould was the second of 6 children born to William “Val” Gould (1859-1924) and Mary “Mae” Eve Thorp (1862-1946).  Harry was born 10 Feb 1886 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.  His brothers were Ford V. Gould (1884-1947) and Roy V. Gould (1888-1971).  Harry also had 3 sisters.  Gladys Lillian (1890-1966), May Adele (1898-1984) and Helen C. (1901-1945).

Here’s Harry in some undated photos, as a young man.

GOULD_Harry W_headshot with his hand next to his face_circa 1902-1907 GOULD_Harry_Whipple_Bowler_Hat_Head_&_Shoulder_Enh

On June 6, 1912, Harry married Marie Wallace Lindsay.  They were married in Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada. You can read about my search for their marriage record here WEDDING WEDNESDAY - Where were they married?

Harry & Marie – Wedding photos

Gould_Harry in front of house with porch and flags_circa 1912 Grandma&GpaGould-1912 Lindsay_Marie in front of house with porch & flags circa 1912

Harry and Marie had one child, a son (my Daddy), born on New Year’s Eve 1912.  New Year’s Eve was always a double celebration at our house.

My grandparents both worked for the City of Detroit and/or the County of Wayne at various times.  My grandmother, Marie’s, Uncle Richard “Dick” Lindsay was a City Clerk for the City of Detroit for many years.
I ended up spending most of my working career working for municipalities.  First the City of San Diego, then the City of Poway, 29 years in total.  Must be in my blood.
Harry and Marie enjoyed swimming.  They had a cottage at Lake Huron in Port Huron, Michigan.  I have many family photos of them at that lake and several other lakes.  I remember going to cottage when I was a little girl.
GOULD_Harry W_wife Marie_son H Norman and his wife Elaine_in swim suits at a lake_circa 1933-35
I can identify four people in this photo - bottom right is my grandpa, Harry.  Back row on the right is my Dad, in the striped suit is my Dad's first wife, Elaine and next to her is my grandma, Marie.
GOULD_Harry W_sitting on couch_PortHuron house_PortHuron_StClair_Michigan_enh
Harry Gould relaxing on the couch at their cottage at Lake Huron, Michigan
Harry died just two years short of my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.  I know my grandma Marie missed him terribly.  She lived with us for a few years prior to her death in 1970.

I have dozens more photos of my grandparents, which I cherish.

My grandfather is buried at Grand Lawn Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan, along with his beloved wife, Marie and other family members.  I visit them every time I go back to Detroit.

You may visit Harry’s FindAGrave memorial here #14481532.

Gould-surname marker_GrandLawnCem_DetroitWayneMichigan GrandLawn_GOULD_Harry_W_1886-1960

I love you Grandpa and will always miss you.

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Oh, my goodness those wedding photos! I know this post is about your grandpa, but your grandma looks like she stepped out of Anne of Green Gables. I have so many questions for my grandfathers too, but like you said, who asks those questions at 9 or 10 or 14? Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know huh Anna? The way the ladies dressed back then. So much class. We have really lost that in the last few decades. I might not have been smart enough to ask questions back when I was 9, but in my 20's I began asking my Dad questions and having him write names on the back of family photos. I must have "known" that one day I would need that info. Ahhh.....but, still so many with no names.
      Thanks for your comment.


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