Tuesday, March 3, 2020

ROOTSTECH 2020 ~ We arrive in Salt Lake City and explore at the Family History Library

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This was my second time attending the Rootstech Conference in Salt Lake City.  My friend, Pam and I went in 2018.  You can read about that experience here RootsTech Is Over But We Had Fun

To tell you the truth, after we had attended in 2018, we thought “well, we’ve done that and now we don’t need to go back.”  WRONG!  When 2019 rolled around and we weren’t at the conference we immediately regretted our decision and determined to go in 2020.

Sunday – Feb 23rd - I flew in from San Diego and arrived around noon.  Pam didn’t arrive from Colorado until later in the day.  I was able to check into our room at the Plaza Hotel and get unpacked and settled in.  FYI – I made that reservation in July 2019, to make sure we were able to stay at the Plaza.  We enjoy the convenience of the location of that hotel as well as the very friendly staff.

I had the afternoon to wander around so I went over the the FHL to check out the new layout on the first floor.  That’s the only floor open on Sundays.  It is a very interactive area and excellent for families or for someone wanting to learn about the library, Family Search and all the offerings available.
Pam arrived about 5 p.m. after her trolley ride from the airport.

My view on the plane and me & Pam outside Squatter's Pub

Monday – Feb 24th – Let the fun begin.  The conference doesn’t begin until Wednesday so Pam and I have two full days to research at the Family History Library.  We planned our trip so we would have the extra days at the library.  We’ve both been there before (me 3 times and Pam twice), but there is always more to find.  STAY TUNED FOR A POST ABOUT WHAT I WANTED TO LOCATE AND WHETHER I SUCCEEDED OR NOT.

In front of the Family History Library and all set up at the tables on the 3rd floor - Pam is pondering.....I wonder what about?

Tuesday – Feb 25th – Another day to spend at the FHL.  This time instead of sitting at the tables that we’ve always sat at, we were able to enjoy the new area on the 3rd floor.  WOW!
Check out this set up.  They have stations with either 2 or 3 monitors and tables that raise up and down.  So much more comfortable than just the usual tables.  We always bring our own laptops and you can see in the photo with me waving, that Pam and I were sharing the station.  We were eventually able to set up at separate stations, but it was quite a busy place, so getting to the library as soon as it opens is the key.  The upgrades are very impressive and more are on the way.
This was the day I went to the European floor of the library and made a discovery in German records for my husband’s family.  It was, according to those around me, a genealogy miracle that I even found this record.  I’ll tell you about it in my “What I Found” blog post.

A sample of one of the new stations with 3 monitors and me in my happy place 

Pam and I have a couple of favorite restaurants we like to go to.  On night one we went to Squatter’s where they have a great atmosphere, wonderful food and good service.  We Ubered over and took a Lyft back.  I had never used either of those services (yes, I know, I need to get with the times).  It was a very good experience and I was impressed.  The Blu Lemon is another favorite restaurant and they have very good food.

Oh, I forgot to tell you one more thing.  I have had an iPhone SE for 4 years.  I liked the size of my 5c and bought the SE because of that.  I've been reluctant to upgrade because I didn't want to pay the price and felt the phones were too big.  Well, for the past 6 months or more, I've been having terrible problems with the battery not staying charged.  It's irritating to say the least and could be dangerous if I was in need of assistance.  

On Wednesday, the first day of the conference my phone was going dead, yet again.  I had a break between classes and walked over to the Apple store, which I knew was in the mall nearby.  I had done my research and knew which phone I might want.  I'm SO happy that I purchased the iPhone 11.  I can't tell you how much easier it was for me to stay in touch at Rootstech and how much better this phone is.  As much as we all use technology, we do need to stay up to date.  That will teach me to upgrade sooner.  Lesson learned.

Isn't this pretty?  The phone is a lovely light teal.

So, that was the first 3 days of our week in Salt Lake City.
I’ll write about the conference in my next post.

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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