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CHURCH RECORD SUNDAY ~ Susan Rosette (abt 1783–1847) –my husband’s 3rd great grandmother

Susan Boylston Rosette is my husband’s paternal 3rd great grandmother.  I don’t have a lot of information about her.  I know she was born about 1783, she married Dr. Abraham Rosette on 30 May 1804 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They had four known children: Almira (1806-1858), Eliza (1809-1876), Francis Peter (1811-1812) and Louisa (1813 died at age 7 months).
Abraham, sadly, died on 8 Apr 1815 at the age of only 34 years.  This left 32 year old Susan a widow with 2 daughters, ages 6 and 9. The couple had already lost two young children.  What a very sad few years this must have been for Susan.
Her two daughters, Almira and Eliza lived to adulthood and married.  It is Almira from whom my husband descends.

I have no record of Susan marrying after Abraham’s death, although she lived for 32 years beyond him.

The church record I’ve show above is a register of members in the First Presbyterian Church in New Jersey.  Susan is entry 258, she was received in the church on 5 Dec 1813.  This record lists her as the “wid. of Abr” and gives his correct date of death.  There is a column on the register that says “How Rec’d”.  Susan’s entry for that column says Hope.  I wonder if that meant she was hoping to be a member and had not yet been admitted?  Under Remarks we see “1834 Nov 30 dismis.”  There is also a death date of Sept. 23, 1866, but it is scratched out.
I have written a previous post about Susan and Abraham, citing their burial location and pictures of their headstones.  You can read that post here TOMBSTONE TUESDAY–Abraham & Susan Rosette - died 1815 & 1847

Here are some questions that I have.
  • Where was Susan born and can I locate an exact date of birth?
  • What was her father’s name?
  • What was her mother’s maiden name?
  • Where did Susan die and what was the cause of her death?
  • Am I certain that Susan never remarried?  It would have been quite difficult for her to raise two young daughters by herself. 
  • Did Abraham leave her money that allowed her to survive by herself?
Thankfully, I will be at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, later this month when I attend Rootstech.  I am currently making a list of all the individuals and families for whom I have questions.  Can I find the answers there?  Time will tell.  I’ve usually been pretty fortunate when I’ve gone to the FHL and find at least some of the things I’m looking for.

If you are connected with anyone mentioned in this post, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl
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