Tuesday, March 24, 2020

ANCESTORS IN THE NEWS ~ Jacob Cooper found dead from exposure–Dec 1827, New York

Jacob Cooper is my 4th great grandfather.  He died at age 33, from exposure, as stated in the article below.

The Geneva NY Palladium - 12 Dec 1827

Here is my transcription of the article:

Intoxication - A man named Jacob Cooper perished in Conquest, Cayuga county, N.Y. a few days since, from being exposed to the cold while intoxicated.  He had been at a husking frolic and was not able to reach his home.  His family did not go to seek him until the morning when they found him lifeless.

At this time, Jacob and his wife Mary “Polly” BYRNE Cooper had 6 children at home.  The oldest Lany was 12 (she is my 3rd great grandmother) and the youngest was Deborah Jane, an infant born that same year, 1827.  Imagine how difficult it must have been for this family.
I don’t have any records that tell me what Jacob did for a living.  However, a later probate record does reveal he owned some land.  I hope that was able to give some relief, financially, to the widow and her six children.

Mary did remarry four years later to Benjamin COSGROVE and they had 3 children together.

For more about Jacob’s daughter, my 3rd great grandmother, please read this post about my search for her parents.  I was so very happy to finally take this family back several more generations - MYSTERY MONDAY–Who’s Your Daddy? Brick Wall Post #6–Lany Cooper Thorp 1815-1886-SOLVED! 

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