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TOMBSTONE TUESDAY ~ Isaac Frampton Gillen & Lennie Kite Gillen–Rome Proctorville Cemetery, Lawrence Co. Ohio

GILLEN_Isaac F_1890-1983_Headstone_RomeProctorvilleCem_OH
Funny how we go back to files we have and turn up new members in our family.  This happened to me today when I was reviewing photos I’d taken during my trip to Lawrence County, Ohio, back in July 2012.  Yup, six years ago.

Maybe it’s just me who is guilty of this…..but.  I have taken several genealogy trips, been to many cemeteries, libraries (including 3 trips to the FHL) and courthouses and come away with hundreds of digital photos.
When I get home I very quickly arrange them all in digital folders for review at a later time.

When does that later time occur?  Darn good question I would say.  Sometimes right away and sometimes six years later.

Today I was specifically going through my folder for Rome Proctorville Cemetery in Lawrence County, Ohio.

At the same time I was reviewing the images on the FindAGrave site for the cemetery.  I wanted to match up memorials with my photos.  If there was already a photo, great.  If not, I could add it.  What I discovered was no memorial for two headstones I’d photographed, Isaac Gillen and Lonnie Gillen.  Isaac was in my database, but with only a birth year. Lennie wasn’t there at all.

Here’s what I discovered today.

Isaac Frampton Gillen is my 2nd cousin 3 times removed and Lennie/Lenie Kite was his wife.

Here is how we are connected via our common ancestors, William Gillen & Rachel Frampton, who are my 4th great grandparents.

GILLEN_Isaac Frampton relationship to me_ANNOT

I’m still researching this couple.  I’ve learned that they were married 15 Oct 1910 in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  I located their marriage record on familysearch.org.
You can see we have the couple’s names, ages and their parents names.  I also see a statement from Isaac’s father, K. W. Gillen that he gives consent to the marriage.  I see that Isaac is 20 years old and his soon to be spouse is 22.  Why would they need consent?  Was the age of consent 21 years?  Therefore, making Isaac too young to marry without consent from his parents?  Whatever, the reason it appears, from records, that this couple stayed married at least through the 1956 city directory listing I found.

GILLEN_Isaac F marriage to Lenie Kite_1910_LawrenceCoOH_cropp

Isaac worked as a Farmer in every record I’ve located so far.  He served in the Army from 29 Aug 1918 to 19 Dec 1918.  When he registered for the draft in 1917 he was married with one child.  He is listed as tall, medium build, brown hair and brown eyes, with no scars or deformities.

I have located the 1920, 1930 & 1940 census records for this couple.  There is no child listed with them on any of those records.  I’ve conducted an extensive search on both Ancestry.com and Family Search for any record of a birth to this couple and have located nothing. 

The last record I can locate for the couple is a 1956 city directory from Huntington, Cabell, West Virginia.

I have not located their obituaries either on newspapers.com, genealogy bank or a Google search. 

You can visit the memorials I created for them here #190530539 and #190530388.

If you have additional information about this couple or their family, I’d love to hear from you.  Surely there are photos of Isaac and Lennie out there somewhere.

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Interesting about the 'consent'. Maybe it was because she was older?


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