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ANCESTORS IN THE NEWS ~ What and Who have I located in the Detroit Free Press?

Newspapers are one of my favorite resources for finding out information about my family.  It’s not just the engagement, marriage announcements and obituaries that can be of interest.
Today many of us use social media, email or texts to share with one another.  However, before those technological advances, there were newspapers.  They were the gossip columns and information disseminators of their day.

Did someone leave on vacation or go on a trip to visit family, did they hold a party or for the ladies, perhaps a tea?  You may read about it in the newspaper.  Those are the items that fill out our ancestors lives with every day activities.

Here’s a couple of items I found in the Detroit Free Press, from

My granduncle, Ford Gould, apparently had his car stolen in 1934.  I recognize the address as the place his parents (my great grandparents) lived, in Detroit. Did they ever find his car?


Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan, Sat. Aug. 25, 1934, page 20

Auto Thefts
Ford Gould, 3639 Linwood Ave., Buick Tudor, license number 96-253, stolen from above.

On a lighter note, I located an article that actually contains the names of my great grandmother, Mrs. A.C. Milne (maiden name Susan Gillespie) and Miss Eva Knowles, future sister-in-law of Mrs. A.C. Milne and Miss Lizzie Gillespie who was the sister of Mrs. A.C. Milne.


Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan, Sun. Aug. 28, 1881, page 6

Mrs. A.C. Milne is expected to return from her Eastern trip some time this week.

Miss Eva Knowles and Miss Lizzie Gillespie left last Tuesday for a two weeks’ visit in the interior of the State.

I searched on Google and could never locate a photo or old newspaper ad for a Buick Tudor.  I did find lots of Ford Tudor vehicles from the era.

What articles have you found in newspapers that tell you a little more about your ancestor’s lives?

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  1. Love newspapers. I'm especially spoiled on my paternal side because my grandfather worked at the Covina Argus for 40 years and the paper was owned by a relative! Needless to say, the paper, now digitized, was a goldmine for family tidbits. I once determined the relationship between a visiting "cousin"and my great grandmother based on a <40 word news tidbit. -Denise

    1. I had one ancestor who was a newspaper editor. In fact, he was a Gillespie, one of the primary names in the articles I posted. Never thought about the fact that maybe his family might get a few more stories posted than others. Thanks for mentioning that in your comment.
      And, thanks for stopping by.


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