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WEDDING WEDNESDAY ~ Marriages in Scotland–How many have I located and where did I find them? Am I missing any?

map of scotland
Areas in Scotland where some of my ancestors married and lived
Today I’m going to post a few of the marriage records I have from our Scottish ancestors.   I have located most of these records at the website Scotland’s People.  It is a paid site, but the cost is minimal.  You purchase credits and it costs 6 credits to view an image.  Six credits = $2.10 US.  You can purchase the actual certificate and have it mailed, which costs $16.83 U.S.

I have created a list in the usual way, using Legacy 9.  Search>Find>Detailed Search then criteria Marriage-Marriage Place-Contains-Scotland and Create List.

Creating these kinds of specific lists helps me to know more about records I may be missing.

This search gives me a list with 42 individuals. 
 Search-Scotland marriages

I printed the list from my search and went through the couples, one by one.  I am happily surprised that out of 21 marriages, I have 16 of their marriage record images in my Legacy database.  Yeah!  Now, I need only go back online and see if I can locate the other 5 missing marriage records.

The oldest of the marriage records is for my maternal 4th great grandparents, William Ewen and Ann Cooper who were married in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland on 2 Dec 1773.

EWEN_William marriage to Ann COOPER_2 Dec 1773_AboyneScotland_annot
1773 Marriage Record for William Ewen & Ann Cooper, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Here are the 3 marriages of my 2nd great grandfather, John Fitzcharles, who didn’t have good luck when it came to his wives.  He first married at age 21 to a woman 15 years his senior.  That marriage to Elizabeth McGovern lasted 12 years until her death from Dropsy at age 48.  His second marriage to Eliza Jane McKenna lasted 10 years until her death from heart disease and bronchitis at age 54.  His third marriage to Helen Docherty lasted 8 years until her death from pneumonia at age 48.  John died two years after his last wife, at age 60, of bronchitis.
FITZCHARLES_John marriage to Betty McGOVERN_in 1854_Scotland
Marriage to Betty McGovern 1854
FITZCHARLES_John marriage to Eliza Jane McKenna Montcrief_in 4 Sep 1872_from Scotlands People site
Marriage to Eliza McKenna 1872
FITZCHARLES_John marriage to Helen DOCHERTY_13 Jul 1883
Marriage to Helen Docherty 1883
They are no longer missing.  I went back to the Scotland’s People website and located ALL 5 of them and have them added to my Legacy database now.  Those 5 images cost me $12.60 which is $2.52 each.  I’d say that’s a great price for any document, wouldn’t you?

Was this a good exercise and good use of my time?  I’d say so. Including writing this blog post this whole process has taken me about 2 hours.

How do you use the lists in Legacy or whatever genealogy program you use?  Do you find them helpful?


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  1. It's good to know that Scotland's People is so reasonably priced, if I ever get my research off of this continent! I also love to see how you use Legacy. I'm definitely going to try it out once I have a new computer.

    1. Good luck with your research Anna. I hope you make progress soon. Scotland is a fun place to do research. Now, if only I could say the same thing about all my Irish ancestors. No luck there, so far.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Replies
    1. I could only wish for Ireland to be this easy. Love those Scottish records.


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