Thursday, January 19, 2017

NEVER MARRIED ~ How many people do I have in my database who never married?

Let’s take a look and see who in our family is listed as never having been married?

The first thing I did was go to the “Search” tab in Legacy and select “Find.”  This allows me to enter the criteria for my search.

Never married in search window

This search created a list.  The first time I did it, I had 17 people.  I noticed right away that two of my ancestors, whom I know did not marry, were not on the list.  This means I had not checked the appropriate box in Legacy, to indicate this condition.  I went back into Legacy and checked the box and then created a new list.
TIP:  The box that is checked in Legacy to indicate that a person wasn’t married and had no children is located on the Individual’s Information screen.  However, I would like to see the wording changed.  Right now it says “This individual has no relationships and no children.”   It would be nice to have two boxes – one that says “never married” and the other “no children.”  We may not know the name of another party involved with our ancestor and the ancestor may well have had children and not named the other parent.

Please note that there are two boxes to check in the Marriage/Relationship screen – one for “This couple did not marry” and the other “This couple had no children”

Individual screen

Here is the list created by Legacy showing the names of those 19 individuals in my database for whom that box is checked.

Never married list

There are 5070 people in my Legacy database.  So, this cannot be a complete list of those individuals who never married.
We can perhaps, assume anyone who died young (under 15) would never have married.  However, I obviously didn’t check the box for those individuals, or they would be on this list.  Yes, some people may have married prior to that, but that number would be quite small, if any. 

What other type of list can I create that would help me with this statistic?  What I’m trying to find is a search by age.  I am unable to locate this particular criteria in the search conditions listed in Legacy.

Therefore, I am unable to create a list of those who are under 15 and go back and check the “never married” box.
Can any of you think of another way to check this statistic?

This little exercise today has made me aware that I need to make sure I mark all appropriate boxes in each person’s information screen.



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  1. Your post makes me realise that I don't know enough about my own software, I have no idea if I could do such a search. I do hope Legacy will finally release sac version, it looks like a great program.

    1. Anna - Your comment says sac, but I suspect you meant Mac and stupid auto correct got you. I keep hearing they are working on it and I hope that's true. It is a very good program and there are a lot of people I know with Macs who want to use it without the hassle of using Parallels.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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