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52 ANCESTORS IN 52 WEEKS–Week #1–Cornelius FISHER, Sr. (1629-1698/99) of Wrentham, Massachusetts

2-Wrentham sign on highway
Photo taken by me as my husband and I entered Wrentham for the first time ever, in November 2009
Amy Johnson Crow suggested a weekly blog theme of "52 Ancestors" in her blog post Challenge:  52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks on the No Story Too Small blog.  I've been wanting to participate in this challenge since it began, I believe 2 years ago.  I’m going to try to write about one ancestor each week, in addition to my other posts.  Perhaps picking those I don’t yet know much about, in hopes that a cousin or two will pop up and help me fill in the blanks.

Today I’ve picked Cornelius FISHER, SR. who is my husband’s paternal 7th great grandfather.

My husband descends from Cornelius Fisher, Sr., as follows (note that the name Cornelius shows up in future generations of this family)

Cornelius FISHER & Sarah EVERITT
Sarah FISHER & Benjamin HALL
Capt. Jeremiah HALL & Dorothy HILL
Jesse HALL & Achsah CLARK
Cornelius Clark Hall & Elizabeth CONICK
Rev. George HALL & Almira ROSETTE
Thomas Cornelius HALL & Cora E. BROWN
Charles HALL & Daisy BRIGHT
Gordon HALL & Dorothy FINK
My husband

Here’s the information I have on Cornelius at this time:

He was born on 16 Aug 1629 in Denton, Norfolk, England to Anthony Fisher and Ales (maiden name unknown).1  On 22 Dec 16524 he married Leah HEATON in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.  Leah was born before 13 Apr 1634 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England and died 12 Jan 1663/642 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.  Prior to Leah’s death I have 3 children being born to this couple:

Cornelius Fisher, Jr. (1660-abt 1723),
Ann Fisher (1661 – ?),
Eleazer Fisher (1663-1733)

Cornelius Fisher, Sr., next married Sarah EVERITT on 25 Jul 1665 in Dedham, Massachusetts.  I have no birth information for Sarah and I have recorded that she died in 1676 (no source for that info).  I have one child, a daughter, born to this couple; Sarah Fisher (1668-1751).

The information I have gives a death date for Cornelius Fisher, Sr. as about 2 Jan 1698, with his will being probated on 3 Feb 1699.3  He is buried at the Wrentham Center Cemetery in Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
NOTE: I wish I’d have known this when my husband and I visited that cemetery in 2009.  I might have been able to locate his headstone, if there is one, and perhaps those of his two wives.  I did take over a dozen photos of other Fisher headstones at this cemetery.

I have located a FindAGrave memorial for him #142988235.  This memorial has his title as “Deacon” Cornelius Fisher.  I find no women named either Leah or Sarah listed on FindAGrave for this cemetery.

OBSERVATIONS:  If Leah and Cornelius were married in 1652 but the oldest child I have recorded for them was born in 1660, were there other children who were born to them prior to 1660?  That’s eight years and considering she had 3 children between 1660 and 1663, it’s likely.

NOTE:  I wrote the above observation prior to adding the sources listed below.  As I reviewed those sources I answered my own question, at least according to what is written.  On page 305 of The Great Migration Begins5, where Leah is mentioned, it states that she had 6 children.  This is an example of why I’ve found that writing posts for my blog has improved and enhanced my research.  We review material we have looked at before and notice new things.

Sources that provided various portions of the information listed above are:
1.  England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538-1975, FHL film 1657227, Item 29
2.  Massachusetts – Town & Vital Records, 1620-1988 – entry for death of Leah Fisher
3.  Massachusetts, Wills and Probate Records, 1635-1991, Vol. 13-14, Case #2523
4.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700 by Clarence Amon Torrey, Volume 1, page 545
5. The Great Migration Begins, 1620-1633, by Robert Charles Anderson, published 1996 – Biographical Sketch of Nathaniel Heaton, page 303-305.  Leah Heaton is mentioned on page 305.

Here’s the 3 pages from The Great Migration that talk about Nathaniel Heaton, Leah’s father and his descendants.
(These images are Used by permission of New England Historic Genealogical Society, americanancestors.org)

HEATON_Nathaniel_page 303 from the Great Migration HEATON_Nathaniel & widow Elizabeth_page 304 from the Great Migration HEATON_Nathaniel & Elizabeth & children_page 305_annot

Since I have a probate record for Cornelius Fisher, Sr., please stay tuned to a future Amanuensis Monday and I will transcribe and share that probate record.

I’d like to find out where both Leah and Sarah Fisher are buried.  I suspect they are also in Wrentham, so I will have to investigate.

If you are related to Cornelius Fisher, Sr., his wives or any of their descendants, I’d love to hear from you.  I’m hoping to make more cousin connections this year.


HAVE EARLY MASSACHUSETTS ANCESTORS?  This might be your lucky day

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Congratulations on your first 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks post, Diane. This is going to be a fun year. Looking forward to reading yours. I'm doing it for the 3rd time and calling it my New Season 2017. ~ Cathy

    1. Thanks Cathy. I'm excited to do it, just hope I can keep up. LOL! I needed something to re energize me right now. I'm not sure if I should pick people at random, or some kind of order? How do you pick who you write about?


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