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SUNDAY'S OBITUARY - Rev. George Hall Victim of Yellow Fever - 1878

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Rev. George Hall is my husband’s 2nd great grandfather.  He was born 4 Jun 1804 in Keene, New Hampshire to Cornleius Clark Hall & Elizabeth Conick.  He married Almira Rosette on 11 Mar. 1834 in Essex, New Jersey.   He married second, Mary A. Bolles on 6 Oct 1859 in Jersey City, New Jersey.

I had 5 children born to George & Almira, however, his obituary states there were 6 children born to the couple.

I had previously located information about Reverend Hall’s death in the Ministerial Directory of the Presbyterian church 1861-1941, in the Necrological Report Alumni Association of Princeton Theological Seminary 1879 and in the Encyclopedia of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.

I had also located reference to his death from Yellow Fever in a list of deaths of that disease in Port Gibson, Claiborne, Mississippi.

HALL_Rev George_listed in the September 1878 victime of yellow fever_Port GibsonMississippi

Here is my transcription of Rev. Hall’s obituary, which contains a LOT of genealogical information.

Rev. George Hall - A few weeks ago we announced the death by yellow fever, of Rev. Geo. Hall of Port Gibson, Miss.  A recent number of the Christian Observer, published at Louisville, Ky., has the following notice of the deceased;
Rev. George Hall departed this life on the morning of September 4th, 1878, in Port Gibson, Miss. of yellow fever.  His illness was short and painful.  He was of English ancestry.  His father was a descendant of the original settlers of Keene, N.H.  He was born in that town June 4th, 1804.  His mother was of Scotch-Irish descent.  Both parents being pious, trained their children to fear God and keep his commandments, and had the joy of seeing their only son in the ministry and their three daughters hopefully converted. His literary course was at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, N.H., and at Dartmouth College in Hanover, in the graduating class of 1833.  His theological training was partly in Princeton, N.J. under Dr. Archibald Alexander, Samuel Miller and Charles Hodge, and partly in New York City under Drs. Erskine, Mason and Henry White a committee appointed by the Third Presbytery of New York, for the purpose of giving instruction to the candidates for the ministry.  That committee was the nucleus of the present Union Theological Seminary of New York.  He was licensed to preach by the Third Presbytery of New York in October 1835.  He was ordained and installed as the pastor of Weston church, Conn., in 1837.  He afterward supplied churches in New York until 1860, then he came South.  Thirteen years he was in Jefferson and Claiborne counties, Miss.  He had charge of the Presbyterian church at Fayetteville, Lincoln county, Tenn., from 1874-1876.  He then returned to his old presbytery in Mississippi, and resided in Port Gibson until his death.
His first wife was Almira Rosette, of Elizabethtown, N. J.  She was of the family of John Quincy Adams.  She left six children. His second wife was Mary A. Bolles, daughter of Abiel Bolles, Esq., of Charleston, S.C. to whom he was married October 6th, 1859, who is still living in Port Gibson, Miss.

I’ve included the hyperlinks to the sources I’ve used for Rev. George Hall.  I hope that you might find them helpful if you have Presbyterian Ministers in your family.

NOTE:  This was the first time I had ever read a reference to Almira Rosette being somehow related to John Quincy Adams.  You’ll get a laugh out of this.  Since this is my non-genealogy husband’s family, I mentioned the connection to him.  He says “oh yeah, my Dad told me about that when I was a boy.”  WHAT?!  And you never mentioned it, I said.  His response “you never asked.”  Oh brother!  Off I go to do some research and find out if this is actually true.


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  1. Great obit with lots of great info. I have had a similar experience with relatives where I make a statement and someone says...Oh, yea, I remember that. LOL. It seems to be us asking the right question of the right people.


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