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FRIDAY FINDS ~ Probate records you can find on Ancestry–1600’s, 1700’s .....and more

This has been a very fun week.  Taking a look at some of my husband’s ancestors on Ancestry, I located one probate record, which lead me to other probate records.

Sometimes you won’t see these records come up as hints when you look at the people in your tree.  However, if you go directly to the database by searching for records in a particular state, you will find these treasures.

TIP:  For finding records by state on Ancestry, go to the menu at the top and use “Search.”  Then “All Collections,” scroll down the page and click on the specific state on the map.  That will bring up every collection available for that state.  I use this search method quite often and find it very useful.

Ancestry search

The Connecticut,  Wills and Probate Records section has  327,217 resources.
Ancestry connecticut wills
I located the following records which contain wonderful proof of family connections and, of course, proof of the year or exact date of death of the ancestor.

CLARKE, Theophilus – 1737 – 6th great grandfather of my husband
CLARK, Deacon Simeon – 1793 – 4th great granduncle of my husband
HALL, Cornelius Clark – 1815 – 3rd great grandfather of my husband
WHEELOCK, Jonathan -  1798 -  5th great grandfather of my husband

I haven’t yet transcribed these records.  I’ve read most of them over once and entered them in my Legacy database.  It takes time to crop, straighten and organize them, depending on how many pages.  Then I save them as JPG images.  Next, I convert those images to one PDF file so that the entire record can be viewed as one document.  Stay tuned for those transcriptions.
Here are some pages from the records I located:

Copy of CLARK_Theophilus_probate record & will_1737_Connecticut-pg 1_cropped_annotated
1737 - Theophilus Clark - page 1
CLARK_Simeon Deacon_probate & last will_New Hampshire_pg 1-annotated
1793 - Deacon Simeon Clark - page 1
HALL_Cornelius Clark_probate_New Hampshire_pg 2_inventory_annotated
1815 - Cornelius Clark Hall - Inventory page

I’m sure most of you have used probate records in your research.  But, in going back to some of the online records I looked at in previous years, I’ve found many new records added.  Might be worth a peek.



AMANEUNSIS MONDAY ~ Samuel Morse Probate 1654

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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