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WEDDING WEDNESDAY ~ Robert Walton Hall & Alice Evelyn Bullock - 1929

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Robert Walton Hall married Alice Evelyn Bullock
July 15th, 1929, San Diego, California

Robert Walton Hall is my husband’s Uncle.  He is the son of Charles Schuyler Hall (1878-1953) & Daisy Fern Bright  (1882-1953).  Robert is their middle child.  An older sister, Dorothy Louise Hall was born in 1905 and a younger brother, Gordon, in 1917.  Gordon is my husband’s father.

Alice Evelyn Bullock is the daughter of Commander Charles Herbert Bullock and Josephine Marie Hurton.

I located the following newspaper articles about the wedding & honeymoon on  The articles were published in the San Diego Union newspaper.  One of them included a nice photo of the bride upon returning from their honeymoon.

HALL_Robert W Sr article in SD Evening Tribue re marriage to Evelyn BULLOCK Jul 1929_SanDiegoCA_cropped HALL_Robert W Sr_article from SD Union about he and Evelyn BULLOCK returning from their honeymoon_23 Jul 1929_cropped

The newspaper articles indicate the couple was married in San Diego.  I wonder why they applied for a marriage license in Yuma, Arizona?  Here’s the license I located.

HALL_Robert W Sr and Evelyn BULLOCK marriage license_15 Jun 1929_YumaArizona_annotated

Evidence indicates they divorced before 1940 and both Robert and Alice remarried.

This couple had one son.

While researching for this post I solved a longtime question on Robert Walton Hall’s second marriage.  Stay tuned for more on that.

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder if they were going to elope for some reason but changed their minds?

    1. After I published this post, I wondered if perhaps Arizona was a Gretna Green state. Sure enough, it was. So, was there a reason for this couple to go there? Could they use that license and then marry in San Diego? Would they have had to get a license in San Diego too? Unanswered questions. I'll keep digging.


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