Thursday, August 27, 2020

YEARBOOK PHOTOS ~ How many have you located? Here are some of mine.

Ancestry has recently offered their Yearbook collection for free. I thought it might be a good time to review how many yearbook photos I have collected over the years.  I have an Ancestry subscription so I’ve been collecting yearbooks pictures for a while.

When I add a yearbook photo or information to Legacy I use an Event I created called….yes, you guessed it “Yearbook.”

I’ll use the Search feature in Legacy to determine how many people have Events with the yearbook title.  To do this I went to the tab “Search” then to “Find” and then used this method.

 (Please click on any image to enlarge it)

The list consisted of 32 people.  To be truthful, I was a little surprised that it was that small a list.  But, yearbooks haven’t always been around and I have quite a few ancestors who never went far enough in school to appear in a yearbook.  This does encourage me to go hunting for more photos though.

Once I have the list up on my screen, I then created a hash tag in Legacy and added that hash tag to all those individuals.  Going forward, each time I do locate a yearbook photo or article I can add the hash tag immediately.  I find the hash tag feature in Legacy to be very helpful.

After going through my list here are some of my photos.  About half of the list of 32 did not contain photos of the person, just their names in the yearbook.

Left-Robert Auten, 1944   Center - Raymond J. Nymberg, 1943  Right - Gordon Charles Hall, 1936

Left - Dorothy Louise Hall, 1926 Center - Virginia Carol Gould, 1963 Right - Clara Eaton, 1920

Left - Eleanor F. Poile, 1947  Center - Lawrence C. Diebel, Jr., 1947  Right - Mary Charlotte Horn, 1938

Left - Harriett M. Pickard, 1924   Right - Robert R. Corbett, 1960
Here is a list of the people shown above, their schools and their relationship to me.
  • Robert Auten - Mackenzie High, Detroit, MI, husband of my 1st cousin once removed
  • Raymond Nymberg - Mackenzie High, Detroit, MI, nephew of a cousin (I just noticed that the two men above went to the same school, I wonder if they knew one another?  They are from opposite sides of my family)
  • Gordon Charles Hall - San Diego State College, San Diego, CA, my husband's father
  • Dorothy Louise Hall - San Diego Teacher's College, San Diego, CA, my husband's aunt, sister of Gordon Hall
  • Virginia Carol Gould - Redford High, Detroit, MI, my paternal half sister
  • Clara Eaton - Huntington High, Huntington, WVA, wife of a 2nd cousin 3 times removed
  • Eleanor Florence Poile - Eastern High, Detroit, MI, wife of my 2nd cousin once removed (married Lawrence Diebel)
  • Lawrence C. Diebel - Eastern High, Detroit, MI, my 2nd cousin once removed
  • Mary Charlotte Horn - San Diego High, San Diego, CA - my husband's Uncle's wife
  • Harriet Mary Pickard - Northwestern High, Detroit, MI - my 1st cousin once removed
  • Robert R. Corbett - Redford High, Detroit, MI - my half sister's husband (he married Virginia Gould)

How many yearbook photos have you looked for?  How many have you found?  I’d love to hear about them.


Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Recently found your blog and enjoying your posts. Interesting yearbook post and pictures. My Dad and uncle both graduated from Eastern High School in Detroit. My Dad in 1941 (and I have his yearbook) and my uncle in 1939.

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Thanks for stopping by. Have any of my surnames struck a cord? Have our families crossed paths or could we be related? Please get in touch via my email if you think we might be michiganfamilytrails(at)


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