Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 - A NEW YEAR AND NEW ADVENTURES ~ What’s on my genea-calendar this year? What’s on yours?

There are lots of reasons to turn the calendar pages and look forward to a new year.  It’s kind of like the clock starts over and we can begin again.  Whether we have personal goals or research goals we always seem to be rejuvenated by a new year.

I’m excited about the coming year and the events revolving around genealogy.

Here’s what’s coming up for this blogger during 2018.

JANUARY 13 – Attending the San Diego Genealogical Society seminar featuring Blaine Bettinger and all his knowledge about DNA.  I’ve heard Blaine speak before and can’t wait to hear him again. If you live in the area and can make it to this seminar, I highly recommend it.

FEBRUARY 28 – MARCH 3 – Rootstech in Salt Lake City.  This will be my first time attending this conference, but my 3rd time in Salt Lake City (and the FHL).  I’m staying for an entire week so that I can get lots of research done.  The best part is my long time friend, Pam, is meeting me there.  The key speaker is Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  Scott Hamilton (figure skating champion) will also be speaking.  So many great classes are offered and I can’t wait.

APRIL 15 – MAY 7 – A transatlantic cruise ending in Ireland.  We will then rent a car and drive through Ireland for 7 days.  My hope is to find records from some of my ancestors up in Northern Ireland.  I still have work to do in figuring out parishes and towns, so wish me luck.  My husband will actually be on this trip with me, along with another couple we’ve traveled with before.  We are all good friends and are looking forward to this once in a lifetime trip.

MAY 31 – JUNE 2 – 49th Annual Jamboree in Burbank, CA. I was able to attend Jamboree in 2016 and had a fantastic time.  I met some of my “online” genealogy friends and attended great classes.  I attended with my friend, fellow SDGS member and fellow blogger, Debby Warner Anderson and we plan to go together again this year.  100+ classes and 55+ speakers.  How can we go wrong?

SEPT 8 – Another seminar put on by San Diego Genealogical Society – speaker to be announced.

WOW!  This will be my busiest genealogy year ever.  I look forward to all of it.  I expect to learn a LOT, make new friends, greet old friends and meet in person those I only “know” online.

I should have plenty to blog about and hopefully a lot of new finds.

What are your genealogy plans for 2018?  Will you be traveling, watching Webinars, attending genealogy society meetings or classes or staying home working on your tree?

Whatever the case may be, I wish you a wonderful year, full of discoveries.

If you will be at any of the events I’ve mentioned, please let me know so we can talk face to face.  I’d love that.

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl
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  1. Hi Diane, I found out after the recent I4GG conference in San Diego that you were there also. sigh. My calendar is filling up too. Jan 27 - Whittier Area Genealogical Society seminar with Peggy Clemens Lauritzen in Whittier. Mar 3 - BASH seminar by Orange County California Genealogy Society with Judy G. Russell in Huntington Beach. Apr - annual research trip to SLC with my South Orange County Genealogy Society (Mission Viejo). June - Jamboree! Aug - maybe attend the Federation of Eastern European Family History Studies conference in SLC. So many learning opportunities in SoCal. See you Jamboree at least! -Denise

    1. Darn it Denise! That's why I'm trying to get the word out early this year. I really do want to meet more of my online friends and readers. So, Jamboree it is. See you there :)

  2. Wow, wish I was completely retired and could attend more of these events. The cruise sounds wonderful. Good luck on finding missing pieces, and enjoy the scenery along the way. Love your Blog. Hope to cross paths some day.

    1. Hi Alice,
      Being retired is definitely worth all the hard work we do for decades. We do enjoy our cruises and try to take advantage of ending up in a particular country. A few years ago we did the same thing and toured Scotland for a week. I don’t have much to go on for Ireland, but I'm going to keep digging.
      Thanks for the compliment and for reading my blog. I also hope we can meet up one day.

  3. Events like these make me want to learn how to drive, haha. Unfortunately I believe my 2018 as far as genealogy goes will be spent updating my tree using online sources during my most boring classes, just as it did in 2017.

    1. I will be flying to Salt Lake City and also for our cruise. When you go to SLC there is no need to even rent a car as long as you stay at one of the hotels closest to the FHL. And, tons of good eating places nearby too. :) :)


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