Saturday, February 8, 2014


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It’s Saturday Night, so let’s have a little fun.  This was a post from a while ago.  I found it interesting and something I had not done yet. 

What is it you ask?
Counting your ancestors by generation

Here is the chart.  

What is your number
Going back to our 7th Great Grandparents we have a possible 1,023 people.

Here are my numbers next to Crista Cowen’s. 

What is your number_with my numbers filled in

Those 4 brick walls in my family, on both sides sure do make a difference, don’t they?  Once I hit 3rd great grandparents, that’s where my trouble begins.  This means I still have LOTS of work to do.  Only 74 out of a possible 1,023!  Oh my!

How about you?  How do your numbers compare?

Off I go to try to find some leads.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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