Monday, May 4, 2020

MYSTERY MONDAY ~ Do you know this woman? Taken at Fenner Studio, Lima, Ohio - I would date this photo circa 1890’s Ohio

Unknown lady - fron Fenner's Studio in Lima, Ohio (showing front and back of the photo postcard) - I estimate 1890's

I purchased this photo on eBay sometime in 2019.  I routinely look for any photographs that were taken at, or mention Fenner’s Studio.  My great grandaunt, Grace HUNTER (1874-1946) was married to Charles Henry FENNER (1859-1918) and his family owned Fenner’s Studio in Ohio.  After his death, my great grandaunt, Grace, ran the studio on some level.
When I saw this particular photo, I thought the lady bore a resemblance to my 2nd great grandmother, Susan Caroline BOGGS, who was Grace’s mother.  I have only one photo of Susan Boggs (who married James Gillen Hunter and together they had 9 children).  Wouldn’t it be marvelous to have another photo of her?

Here’s my only photo of Susan.  This is a four generation photo that I’ve shown on my blog in the past.

Susan Caroline Boggs Hunter is seated in front, holding her great granddaughter, Dorothy Irene Milne - standing in the back are L-R, my great grandmother Florence Hunter and my grandmother Florence Bowden - this photo was taken in 1907

If I zoom in and crop only Susan, here’s what I get. 

Here are the photos side by side. 

I am fairly good at identifying old photos and recognizing my family at different ages.  I’ve examined these photos over and over and I have concluded that they are not the same person.  In looking at the shape of the eyebrows and mouth and even the eyes, I find significant enough differences that make me think they are two different people.  I have tried to zoom in to the magazine the lady in the chair is holding, but cannot see a date or place etc.

I would welcome your input on this matter.  Do you think they are the same person?  If so, why?
And, of course, if you recognize this woman and are related to her, I’d be happy to send you the photo.


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  1. They look similar, but I don't think they are the same person either. However, if the photo was taken about the time that the postcard was created, divided back postcards came into use in the U.S. in 1907.

    1. Thanks for your comment Linda. The photo does appear to be older than 1907 to me, but I'm no expert :) I appreciate your input and will look into the postcard date. I wonder if an older photo could have been put on a postcard?

  2. Some resemblance with the photos, either the same or a sibling? Can you get a better pic of the leaflet the lady is holding in her hand?

    1. Hi. Certainly possible to be a sibling. I am unable to get a better view of the item she is holding in her hand.
      Thank you for stopping by.


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