Sunday, May 10, 2020

MOTHER’S DAY 2020 ~ My matrilineal line back to my 6th great grandmother

A fellow blogger, Heather Wilkinson Rojo, who writes Nutfield Genealogy posted a blog with her matrilineal line.  I thought it was a good idea.  Yet another way to get this information out there and hope to connect with others who may share this line.


My Mother – Patricia Anne MILNE
Born 1924 in Detroit, Michigan, died 2016 in La Mesa, California, married Harry Norman Gould in 1949

My grandmother – Florence Lee Nora BOWDEN
Born 31 Jan 1888 in Ashland, Boyd, Kentucky, died 2 Apr 1986 in Southfield, Oakland, Michigan - married Joseph A. Milne on 11 Apr 1906.  They had 4 children

My great grandmother – Florence HUNTER
Born 7 Aug 1869 in Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, died 27 May 1946 in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri - first married Robert Edward Lee Bowden on 10 Mar 1887 - they had 2 daughters.  Next married George Keatley Bell on 16 Oct 1904

My 2nd great grandmother – Susan Caroline BOGGS
Born 4 Aug 1842 in Marion, Lawrence, Ohio, died 26 Mar 1913 in Miamiville, Clermont, Ohio - married first James Gillen Hunter on 29 Aug 1859 - they had 9 children, after his death she married William Lewis Cresse on 26 Oct 1897 in Logansport, Cass, Indiana, after his death she married Lewis A. Hankins on 14 Apr 1909 in Jefferson Co., Indiana

My 3rd great grandmother – Nancy Delilah LUNSFORD
Born 8 Nov 1819 in Virginia, died 10 Apr 1895 in Huntington, Cabell Co., West Virginia - married William Allen Boggs on 11 Apr 1839 in Lawrence Co., Ohio - they had 5 children

My 4th great grandmother – Mary “Polly” Sackville HUDSON
Born 10 Jun 1796 in Virginia, died 28 Jun 1871 in Lawrence Co., Ohio - married John Lunsford (no known date) and they had 16 children
Here is a blog post about those 16 childrenSibling Saturday - The 16 children of John and Mary Lunsford 

My 5th great grandmother – Elizabeth REDDING
Born about 1775 in Virginia, died after 1850 - married Richard H. Hudson on 6 Sep 1795 in August Co., Virginia - they had 10 children

My 6th great grandmother – Mary (maiden name not known…..yet)
I don't yet know much about this couple.  I believe she was born about 1760 and that she died after 1815.  She married James Redding and is named in his will along with their 5 daughters

If you have connections to any of these ladies or their many descendants, I would love to hear from you and exchange information.  Are there other photos out there?  Are you a cousin?

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Such pretty ladies and I love the outfits both Florences are wearing.

  2. What a great matrilineal line you've shared. I was part of a women's group once where we would introduce ourselves by naming our mothers and their mothers back as far as we knew. I had the longest list because I do genealogy. It was a bit embarrassing.

    1. Thanks Barbara. Aren’t we fortunate that we know who we come from? I’m always so proud that I know my ancestors so well.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Barbara. Isn’t it fun that we know so much about our ancestors?
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. So amazing, Diane, that you have photos back that far!

  4. You are so fortunate to have so many pictures. I would assume their clothing would indicate they were at least somewhat affluent? I don't have as many pictures as you do, but my people certainly appear they didn't have very much? I love all of the pictures, but your grandmother Florence Lee Nora BOWDEN looks so sweet!

    1. Hi Michelle. Yes I do feel very fortunate to have the photos I do have, considering some things that happened in my childhood regarding my parents split up etc. As to affluent....oh my no. Blue collar all the way. Mostly renters, until my grandparents who were able to by a home. They worked for the City of Detroit and made a decent living. As to my grandmother Florence Bowden....remind me to tell you her story. She was always very sweet to me and she lived to age 98.


I look forward to reading your comments. If you have any connection to the people mentioned in this blog, please let me know. I write about mine and my husband's ancestors and would welcome new information or meeting a new cousin or two. Thanks for visiting and come back soon.