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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks–Week #8–Family Photo - What can those photos tell you?

It’s difficult to find anything I like more than family photos.  They are a source of joy and reflection for me.
  • What was going on when the photo was taken?
  • Is everyone in the photo identified?
  • Where was the photo taken?
  • What year was the photo taken?
  • Do others in the family have similar photos from the same event?
1. What do you like about family photos? 
2. Do you have a lot of them or just a few? 
3. Have you connected with cousins who have shared family pictures with you?
4. Who are the ancestors you’d like to have a picture of, but don’t?

Since I’m asking questions, here are my own answers:

1.  Most of all I like being able to look at the faces of my ancestors.  I like being able to see my ancestors at different stages of their life.  I like being able to see them interact with others, whether family or friends.  I enjoy looking at the place where the photo was taken – do I recognize anything in the photo?
2.  I would say that I have a quite a few family photos.  I was pretty curious when I was in my teens and twenties (a long time ago), and I asked to see family photos.  I also asked my Mom and Dad to write on the back of the photos to identify the people. They did do that for a few of them.

Here are screenshots from the "pictures" folder for some of my ancestors. Click on the screenshots to enlarge them.
My husband's Fink line

My maternal Milne line   

My paternal Gould line

3.  I have absolutely been able to connect with cousins who have family photos, and it’s been wonderful.  One cousin even had a portrait photo of the same sitting for my great grandmother and her 5 sisters, only in a different seating order than the one I have. Florence Hunter is my great grandmother.

4.  Who would I like to have a picture of?  I suppose our list is endless, but my top choices would be:  John C. Gould, my 2nd great grandfather (1833-1919?); Sarah M. Hart, my 2nd great grandmother (1835-1911); Robert L. Bowden, my great grandfather (1863-1906); Edna Mabel Bowden, my grandaunt (1890-1932).

Where are good places to find photos of your ancestors?
  • From family members or even family friends
  • Online on other people’s trees (keep copyright in mind if you plan to use them)
  • On FindAGrave attached to a memorial (ditto on the copyright issues)
  • In books or written histories about your family or the place they lived
  • In newspapers
Can you think of other good places to find family photos?

I would love to read your blog about family photos or have you share your thoughts in a comment on this post.

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Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl
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