Friday, April 29, 2016

PHOTO FRIDAY ~ Who is this cute little baby? My Mom?

MILNE_Patricia or not  Baby photo without frame_enh

I’ve had this picture for many years.  It’s always been with the group of pictures I got from my maternal grandmother.  There are no identifying names or dates or photo studio names on this photo.  On the reverse side of the picture is a hand written number, 6041.  That same number is on the upper right corner of the frame.
I don’t have any pictures of my mother when she was that young.  The earliest photos I have of her are from about age 2.  She had two older sisters and a brother.  The oldest sister, Dorothy Irene Milne, died before my mother was born and I know this is not her, as I have baby pictures of her and this is not that baby.  I don’t think it could be my Mom’s other sister, Joan Esther Milne, because of the facial features.  I know it’s not her brother, Robert Andrew Milne, because he looks totally different in his baby pictures.  So, is it my mother?
We can’t just say “this is a picture of whoever” without knowing for sure, or having some kind of evidence.  That’s my conundrum right now.

A little background info:  My mother was born in 1924, so this picture dates to that time if it is her.  Her siblings were born in 1907, 1909 and 1915.
I am going to share other pictures of my Mom at various ages, below, and allow you to chime in with your comments and conclusions.
MILNE_Florence w Joan & Patricia_1926_portrait_ENH
1926-my Mom is in the middle, about age 2.  Her sister, Joan on the left and their mother on the right
MILNE_Patricia with her little dog
My Mom - age 3-4
MILNE_Patricia_sitting in chair_holding paper_no frame_1926_ENH
My Mom - age 2
MILNE_Patricia_Headshot Sr High_1942_Cooley High_DetroitWayneMichigan
My Mom as a teenager
PatriciaMilne-circa 1938_enh
My Mom about age 15
MILNE_Patricia-full photo_age about 20
My Mom - about age 21

My Mom always had that cute little turned up nose. She had brown hair and brown eyes.  Of course, most caucasian babies are born with light eyes that change later on.

As always, thanks for your comments and opinions.

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. I think it is her, especially compared to her picture with the dog. Great photos, she was adorable.

    1. Thanks Anna. I appreciate your input. I've gotten a professional opinion from Maureen Taylor "The Photo Detective" and she said the paper and cardboard frame used were from the 1920's. She had me send her more views of the photo. That was good to hear since Mom was born in 1924. I lost her last month at the age of 91 and I'm still getting through the loss. I miss her like crazy.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I vote yes it is her and I agree with Anna about the photo with the dog. The smile seems the same to me. Your mother was so pretty!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I am going to try and obtain a photo of my Mom's sister, Joan from my cousin. That will verify for certain that this is my Mom. But, I do think it is. Thanks for your input.


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