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TOMBSTONE TUESDAY ~ John Russell 1743-1822 ~ Lawrence County, Ohio

RUSSELL_John_husband of Patience_headstone_RussellCem_Ohio
John Russell – 15 Dec 1743 to 28 Nov 1822
Age about 79 years
John Russell  is my 3rd great grandaunt’s husband’s father.  Not a blood relation or real close relative.  However, he just happens to be the person I was looking at today in my family tree.  He is buried, along with his wife, Patience, in Russell Cemetery, Aid, Lawrence County, Ohio.

He married first Susannah Day, unknown date, and they had 6 known children: James, John, Lawrence, Rachel, Esther and Elizabeth.  Next he married Patience Piles (15 Feb 1773 to 19 Sep 1852) – to them were born Jemima, Anne, Jane, Armilda, Thomas, Manoah Bostic, Samuel, Jeremiah, Sanders, Francis and James.

It is their son, Thomas, who married my 3rd great grandaunt, Lucinda Boggs.

I have a LOT of ancestors from the Lawrence County, Ohio area.  Many of their descendants are members of The Lawrence Register Facebook page.  We communicate and share information all the time.  They are a wonderful group of people.
TIP:  I encourage every researcher to take advantage of the groups on Facebook for the areas where your ancestors lived.  Some are more active than others.  But, you will find connections and very helpful people in most of them.  At least that has been my experience.

Now, time to explore a little more about this Russell family and their descendants.


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  1. Thanks Diane for the nice post and for the photo credit on my picture. Maybe this will get a few more Russell descendants inspired to further their research. With 16 children I know of I think there are a lot of folks around here who descend from John Russell; many who don't even know it. I still live in Lawrence County so if you're ever in the Proctorville area give us a call and come by and see us. Robert N. Wiseman

    1. Hi Robert. I have had pretty good luck with contacts via my blog. You never know when someone will enter a search term in Google and come by and visit. I have developed a pretty good following these past 2 1/2 years so let's hope some Russell descendants find me. I'll share anything I get with you. I was in Lawrence Co. in 2012 and you were one of the folks I didn't get to meet. Hopefully, next time.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Robert! I'm so thankful that you posted this. John Russell is my great x 4 grandfather. Here's the trail:

    Jennifer Russell (me)
    James Edward Russell (father)
    Paul Clain Russell (grandfather)
    Irwin A. Russell (great grandfather)
    William Alonzo Russell (great great grandfather)
    Sanders Russell (great x 3 grandfather)
    John Russell (great x 4 grandfather)

    I'm currently researching the Russell side of my family. Happy Holidays!

    1. Diane, thank you for posting this about John Russell. He is my 5th great-grandfather. I am from Ashland, Ky, which is across the river from Lawrence County, Ohio. Before today, my father and I believed we were the only Russells that we knew of. Jennifer, it is great to see that you are a descendent of John Russell as well. This is how I am related to John Russell (1743-1822).

      Robert David Russell II

      Robert D. Russell (Father)

      Joe Kitts Russell (grandfather)

      Clarence Leo Russell (great-grandfather)

      Ruben Russell (great-great-grandfather)

      Thos Russell (great x 3 grandfather)

      Thonmas Jefferson Russell (great x 4 grandfather)

      John Russell (great x 4 grandfather)

      I am also researching the Russell side of my family as well.

  3. Hi Diane, Jennifer Russell here again. On my previous post, I mistakenly thought it was from Robert Wiseman and not you. I apologize for the confusion.

    1. Hi Jennifer. No problem :)
      I don't have a Sanders Russell as a child of John Russell. I have 7 other children for him: James, John, Lawrence, Rachel, Esther, Elizabeth and Thomas. I'm not directly related to John Russell (he is my 3rd great-grandaunt's husband's father) so I won't be doing any extensive research on this line. However, I'd love to know where your Sanders fits into the picture. I'll send you a message on the Lawrence Register FB page.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Jennifer, John Russell was my 3rd g grandfather. Please email me at e.mel@zoominternet.net. thanks. Elizabeth Russell Melvin

    1. The above message is for Jennifer Russell from another Russell descendant. I'm posting it in hopes that the two can connect.


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